Bobbing Balloon and Butterflies

Signs come in so many ways as we have seen in my blog over the years. Well, here’s are a few more.

The other week I was on my way home from an early morning work meeting when I see a familiar big smile in the distance. I thought that was an odd place to be seeing that big ole smile. I was coming up on a round-about that had bushes and plants in the center. In those plants I see a bobbing bright yellow, mylar, smilie face balloon, like the ones Wesley bought for Andrew’s first birthday not here. Since then that is the balloon we buy when celebrating Andrew.

I wondered why there was a bobbing, smilie face balloon in the middle of this round-about staring right at me. That is when I realized it was a “hello” from Andrew, an “It’s All Good PrettyMama!” because he knows this time of year is harder on me since it is the time of year we were in hospital with him. When I am alone in the car is when I shed my tears, and that is usually on my way home from work.

But he wasn’t done yet! As I wondered how was this balloon there, I notice as I go around the round-about that it is tied to what? A classic “Hi Pretty Mama! Yes it’s me in-case you had any doubts!!” sign from Andrew. It was tied to a yard sale sign! PERFECT! Muck was ALL about his yard sales from the time he was quite little, like 5 or 6yo. He would have slight tremors whenever he saw a yard sale sign like he was jonesing for it! LOL I felt him really strong then when I finally connected all the dots. It feels so good! I wish I could describe it adequately.

I was telling Martin about it and we were going to be around that way again that day, so I was hoping to get a picture of it. But it was already gone. :-( I should have gone around the round about a few times to get the picture, but it was so unexpected, it didn’t occur to me.

Martin had an experience that day too. His was with a butterfly. Andrew sends Martin a butterfly every morning when he’s on the patio. Even Martin, Psychic Boy, Super Natural Hero wonders from time to time if it is just a coincidence or not. Martin asked the butterfly to come back if it was a sign from Andrew. Instead another one flew in because that wasn’t the job of the first butterfly. Who knew butterflies had job assignments?

The next butterfly flew in, flew out, flew in, flew out, and on his way out said, “Is that enough times for ya?” Then Martin heard Andrew laughing as he said, “There you go Daddy!”

The lesson here kiddies? Well actually several lessons. One: trust your intuition. If it feels like a sign, then it is! Don’t explain it away. Accept the hug your loved ones are sending you! The feeling you get when you acknowledge their sign to you is their way of hugging you. Bask in it! Two: It’s ok to ask for more of a sign. Our loved ones see that you are paying attention to their hard work and they are happy to oblige. It makes it easier for them to send bigger signs when we open up our awareness, they don’t have to try so hard so it flows easier.

Share any signs you get here if you want. It helps others realize they are getting signs too. Bask in the love and energy of your loved ones through their signs, because they are sending their love to you!


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2 Responses to Bobbing Balloon and Butterflies

  1. Donna Kassewitz says:

    What a delightful story Martin & Connie! Made me laugh and rejoice that you are in such great communication with Andrew. I agree, if you even suspect that it’s a sign — it is! So just go with it. Like you I have had so many, many small and giant signs from loved ones on the other side. Here is a quick short one that pops into my mind to share.

    One night, many years ago, I was standing under the night sky, looking up, and mourning the recent transition of my boyfriend, George, who had been killed in a car accident. He had already come to me in an extremely powerful way right after his death, and that visitation was what pulled me back from the brink (literally!). But of course I was still missing him. So as I looked up at the night sky, I thought, “I wonder where George is right now and can he see me?” As soon as I thought that, a shooting star zoomed across the sky — right smack in the middle of where I was looking. It was so obviously a big resounding “YES, I am right here with you”. Needless to say, I laughed and cried! And rejoiced that God cares for us so tenderly that we are never denied messages from our loved ones. It helps to be paying attention though!

  2. admin says:

    I know what you mean coming back from the brink Donna. These signs, if we allow ourselves to see them, are to help us move through our grief as well as realize that there is real no separation from heaven. It helps us to see beyond what we see with our eyes, & see w/our hearts instead because that is where the truth lies.

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