Andrew had a rougher day today. He had received platelets and had a reaction to them. He had a high fever, headache and vomiting. He was miserable. WHen Martin asked him if his head still hurt he said “I’ll let you know when I want to give an update!” Alrighty then.

He was feeling fine this a.m. even with his ANC # at 6.8! He was eating and chatting and doin just fine. Then the platelets happened. We usually do energy work with them as soon as they go up. I always send blessings to the person that donated & we have a sticker with sacred symbols on it just for blood products. Martin was 15 mins late in putting it on. Andrew hasn’t had a problem before with platelets. But it’s always a different donor and you just never know.
His nurse Kristen was very attentive to him trying to make him as comfortable as possible. SHe gave him some delodid and that made him comfortable enough to be able to sleep. He was fallin asleep when I got here, he slept from 5pm to 10pm then he awoke hungry!! I figured he might so I got him the chicken he had been wanting from the cafeteria just in case he was up for it and he indeed was. I had to go back and get some more. AND he kept it all down!! Woot woot!! He was starting to come back around.

He hadn’t peed in like 7 hours and I was all excited thinking I was going to pone Martin’s record of 1200 cc’ s or whatever they are. Remember? This what we do for fun now is try and out do each other on pee amounts. Don’t be judging! WELL he disappointed me, he only had like 400!! 400??? After nearly 7 hrs??? Oh c’mon! Not feeling the love! I’m trying to pump a lot of water into him to see if I can at least get close to 1200 but it doesn’t look like I will. :-( Fighting off depression now…..too much of a drama queen moment?? Oh well, to bad so sad!
His blood pressure is low. It’s normally in the 120’s-130’s during the day and low teens at night. Today when he woke up it like 88/65 or something like that. Martin asked “You’re not fully in your body yet are you?” He answered “no” apparently he still isn’t but is closer because it was just 95/76.

He’s planning a great today tho even tho he may need platelets again because a fever tends to eat the lil suckers up! Martin is ready! Andrew is working on getting his ANC #’s up to 500 so he can go and see Doreen and Steven at the I Can DO It conf. at the convention center in Tampa on Sat. If anyone can do it he can!

Martin did some energy work w/AA Michael on Andrew while this was going on w/him. He was cleaning out any chemo that was no longer needed out of his body. Betsy, the massage therapist and Adele, the Healing Touch Therapist both got the message that Martin was to do the energy work so they held the space for him while he did it. It’s so great to have people working here that understand this kind of healing work!!

Had something a little odd happen tonight when I walked Martin to the ER exit. On my way back to the room I found a baby frog in the corridor not even by a door to the outside! I know it must mean something so I put it on the ATP board to see if anyone knows. I mean in my world this is a sign for something just dunno what. I’ll report back if I find out anything.

We are expecting a great day today!!


FYI I keep putting in paragraphs and they keep running together! ARRRRG!

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