Like I said yesterday when his NP, Trish was in Sat. she was very pleased with his numbers. His ANC # was 218. She did say that his numbers are coming down slowly and that is an indicator how he fast he will recover after transplant. :\ Not a bad thing just a slow thing,remember? Soooo Andrew hearing that decided to go to work and Sunday his ANC # was 17!!! He was like: “I’ll show her slow beeeyatch!!” (OK, I added the beeeyatch :lol ) I think if he wants to go to the ICDI in Tampa on Sat. to see Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer bad enough he’ll get his #’s to 500. That’s when he can get a 6 hr. pass.

One thing we’ve been able to do is put what we’ve learned to real use. While this dis-ease knocked us for a loop, (puttin it mildly) once we got on our feet emotionally, we knew we could write our own ending to this journey. We are walking out talk and it is working!!

  While we have to deal with this dis-ease, we can control how well it goes! People need to know that! That when you are dealing with something as traumatic as a life threatening dis-ease & feel you have no control, you actually do. YOU can write how this journey goes! But you have to be so firm in what you want and have no doubts! I’d love to talk about how powerful energy work is but you know how that goes. The right people will ask the right questions. ;)  Don’t want to be called devil worshippers! LOL

I really hope we’ll be allowed to inspire others who will be on the same journey we have been on. We’d love to come back and speak to parents and kids and give them hope. I know meeting someone like us in the beginning would have been a big help. Also being able to teach the parents and kids how to deal with this in the most positive and healthy way. And let them know that they can control their outcome. I mean the dr’s didn’t give Martin any hope of Andrew surviving! “We rejected their reality and substituted it with our own!” :D And it works! Don’t let anyone, not even a doctor dictate what YOUR reality is! Only YOU can create it!

Elatia did bring her bright blue wig on Sunday. And Andrew did put it in on for pics!! :eek :lol What a great sport he is! He looked so funny!! Very campy! Very Blue Muck Group! :-) I am really stuck on those guys huh?? We had a lot of fun! Keep an eye out on “all things muck” for the pics!! Hopefully they will be up soon. Harass her Kelly Bear if you’re reading this!

We’ve been back for nearly 7 weeks now :eek and most of it has been fantabulous!! (yes, I’m making up words now. My blog and I’ll do what I want!) Only the 1st week was a little hard but nothing like the beginning. So we are just having fun spending time together and laughing a lot. Now Martin and I are cooking together & all 3 of us are planning the meals together. Just like I’ve always wanted. Life is good peeps!! :D :D :D :D :D :D


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