Just a quick note…but it’s me, so who knows how quick this will really be. :-p I’m late in writing this because I went home yesterday to get things done and I’m running on only 4 hours sleep. And during those 4 hours I was fighting off the affections of one 8 lb lonely wiener dog! Tried to sleep in hospital bed but got past that point. :-/ Not to mention ANdrew was a Chatty Kathy till 3:30am!! That’s right! 3:30am!! AND he was on the bene! :-) (benedryl) I was glad tho because I missed seeing him yesterday! He’s excited because today Children’s Dream Foundation is coming in to get the ball rolling for his mac daddy of computers & set up that he wants. SO he had me helping him choose a chair & discussing what computer programs he’s going to get. He’s got a $1,500 computer desk, a $300 chair, about $8,000 in the computer and I have no idea the amount for games and programs. I really enjoy our times at night when he isn’t sleeping. It’s like a slumber party. Since he found the joys of benedryl we don’t have them that often anymore. :-(
His day yesterday started off, after I had left, like Monday, fever, nausea, headache. When I left him he was fine like on Sunday. I don’t know what Martin does to him!!! :-) His ANC is at zero! Which was the goal according to the dr.s. So it was blood and platelets time. It’s kinda like hammer time but only different. :-) (WOW! that made no sense!) Remember sleep deprived here! Or is it depraved, regardless there’s not been a whole lot of sleeping goin on & not in the good way either!
Andrew handles these times really well now because he found his drug of choice to help him thru it, delodid! He said as long as he has a drug that helps alleviate the pain & nausea, he can get thru it no problem. His friend is sick now w/the flu or something like it. Andrew sez to Martin and Betsy “That must suck having to deal with that” Martin and Betsy just stare at him in disbelief!! REALLY?? The flu sucks to deal with??? THE FLU???? And leukemia would beeeee…….what????? A walk in the park????? :-0 Martin and Betsy just started laughing at him. He then realized how crazy that sounded coming from him of all people! So as the day wore on Andrew was feeling better, was eating and getting back to our new normal. We’re figuring that today will be pretty good because of all the blood products he got yesterday & the Dream Foundation coming in. Plus I’m going to bake some cookies!! *claps hands*

Well, were breaking down and finally filling out the paper work to get assistance from the Children’s cancer society. I really don’t like getting help from them. It feels like I’m claiming this dis-ease for Andrew. It’s an organization I just don’t want to be associated with. Another mother in the clown house is getting help from the Candle Lighters organization. They offer the same help as the “other” one. I wouldn’t mind that one, it’s a great name. I don’t like the vibration of the CCS. There isn’t a CLO chapter in our area. You may say I’m pickie but words have vibration. Example: Oct is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. WRONG!!! WRONG!! WRONG!! What it should be is BREAST HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH!! This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine! DO we want to focus on breast health or continue feeding the energy of breast cancer!!?? Think about it! There should be PEACE RALLYS NOT anti war ones. Put your energy on the result you would like NOT on what you don’t like. What you resist persists! It’s all about the Law Of Attraction.
That’s why I don’t say Andrew has leukemia, I won’t claim that for him. He is HEALING it! leukemia does not define my son. Healing grace does. We are NOT battling leukemia we are ALLOWING well being to flow!! These are just some of the teachings of Abraham. No, not of the Lincoln variety, but of the Ester Hicks variety. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it.

So that’s the latest on the street. We’re affirming that the blood products have done their job and Andrew is feeling AWESOME today!


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One Response to DREAM ON!

  1. Jeannette (Lori's mom) says:

    Connie, I have asked Lori to give me your own email address, but she
    is so busy, she forgets.. I hope you get this..
    I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog.. Keeping
    up with Andrew’s health.. I know how hard it is to go thru such an ordeal,
    but by your writing, I feel you are doing really well and God has blessed
    you, Martin and Andrew..
    Our prayers continue to be with you during the next phase of treatment
    and recovery.. Ben’s leukemia was one of the “best” kind to get and
    he was on inteferon for 6 yrs.. They told us, he would die with it rather
    than from it… All the side affects are hard on the body, but getting thru
    this part will be important to be ready for the transplant..
    Sounds like Andrew is the perfect kid, and I am glad CJ and Corey
    have him for a friend.

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