If you are planning on going to the show, we will need you to get your tickets soon. I’ve only sold 6 and I’m hearing a lot more people are going. I’m trying to avoid an ‘at the door’ nightmare that could cause our show to start late OR worse, you can’t get in because it’s sold out!!

There are 119 seats left. The doors open at 5p.m. so come in early, relax and get a bite to eat & drink before the show.

We’re hoping to get a press release out. I’m waiting to hear back from KC how the one I did is. We are planning on a sold out show. Let’s make it happen!


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  1. Jane says:

    (((Connie))) I won’t be there in person but I can be there in spirit. Affirming that the show is sold out and that everyone has loads of fun.

  2. Leila says:

    It’s a bit of a drive for me so I’ll be there in Spirit :-)

    Wishing you abundant success and a sold out house!

  3. Karen T. says:

    I am coming and bringing 2 people with me. I may have a couple more. Lewis is planning on bringing a group too. I will let him know to get in touch with you.

  4. admin says:

    That would be great Karen! You are one of the 3 people who bought tickets so you’re good! :-D It is going to be a touching night filled with a lot of love and fun. I think people will leave feeling really great! I know their hearts will be touched. Martin and I will be setting up the energy and it will become a sacred space for those 2 hours. It’s gonna rock!

  5. admin says:

    Hey Leila, I am working on doing a show in So-Cal in Oct before we head to Kona to perform at the AATP(r) I’ve got a few feelers out to see about a theater and also Awakenings. I talked to Brandon already and we’re going to see what we can work out. I’d prefer a bigger venue but I do love Awakenings. Brandon was very upset about Andrew. He lost a brother when he was 15, so this was like losing another brother to him. He and Andrew share the same b-day too! May 12th.

    SO here’s hoping! Thank you Jane!

  6. Leah Clark says:

    I’m coming! I just have to call and give you me munny!

  7. admin says:

    Umm yea, give me ALL ur munnny hunny!! :-D

  8. Leah Clark says:

    How about all my love???? That would go farther. hahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. admin says:

    yea yea yea, give me the love and I’ll pass it on to mortgage company and tell them the same thing….that it will go farther! ROFLMAO!!! :-D :-D

  10. Leila says:

    Have you ever thought about San Diego?????? nod nod wink wink

    Awakenings is good too–yet a bit small to handle the huge crowd of fans awaiting your arrival!

  11. Pretty Mama says:

    R U kidding me?? Of course! But I haven’t been able to find a venue to work with me there yet. Know of any? I’ll be there!

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