Ok, I’m being lazy here but I haven’t had a whole lot of responses lately and what a lot of you don’t realize is, is that I live for responses here. It would appear to me that only about 8 or 9 people read this. Now that my resident stalker is gone for who knows how long, I’m not feeling like writing a lot, I have writer’s block if you will. Oh look! It’s a pity party again, oh wait for it….wait for it….YUP! Here comes the violins now! :-D Just not feeling the vibe to write so I’m taking something from the forum from Andrew for those of you that don’t make it to the forum.

Someone had asked about how one of the people who wrote me that offensive e-mail the day he ascended was doing. She didn’t know that it was this person who had the e-mail sent to me or she wouldn’t have asked. I am glad she did because Andrew’s response was a beautiful one and one worth sharing, especially for those who are doing readings, or call themselves Light Workers, so here it is.

The question was: If it’s not a violation of her free will, could you check in on Linda in hospital in England?

ANDREW: That was an interesting question, and I will answer as best I can. It is important to stay in integrity in all that you do, and always be compassionate and forgiving. You don’t have to interact with those that you are compassionate and forgiving towards, just be.

Linda is, and always will be, in her own space. She has her path and will travel it no matter what. There is something keeping her where she is, and it has nothing to do with Spirit. It has a lot to do with self, and the knowledge and love of self.

It brings up the wonderful topic of “Lightworkers” though and their purpose on this planet.

The most important Spiritual essence was missing from the email that was sent to Pretty Mama; integrity. That is how you know the message wasn’t from me, nor any other ascended Spirit. Know this for your own work. It is a wonderful lesson for all that do this kind of work.

When you are in a funk, you are quite capable of creating thought-form energies, that more resemble a wounded ego than an ascended Spirit. Be careful of those. Spirit will always have something positive to say – always! Spirit is never judgmental, nor condescending. Spirit is never weak nor distracted. Spirit is strong and wants to lead you to the best you can be on this plane. Spirit wants to make it easier for you and not harder for you.

Although this may be true, your ego gets in the way when you do not have a profound experience of it, and a knowledge of it. Never let your ego rule your emotions or your reading experiences, because it will unravel you. Sometimes it can be difficult putting those pieces back together when this happens.

Here is the rule of thumb: Take care of yourself, and if you are not in a good space, do not heal or read for people until you get clear. Do not try to help others when you are not feeling up to par. This has nothing to do with being ill or having disease, it is how you are feeling about yourself during this time that matters. During my whole experience with Leukemia, I still managed to not let it control me. This is possible, and this is where you all need to be. In that space of peace and joy that can only come from knowing who you are – and where you are destined to be.

Blessings to all of you


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18 Responses to GLAN CROI’S WISDOM

  1. Leila says:

    I have been typing a response for over thirty minutes then hitting the delete button.
    I need sleep  and I need time to be able to articulate what my heart feels. I call upon Spirit to fill me with wisdom, peace, discernment and non judgment.

    Regarding the forum—I tried in the past to check it out and it wouldn’t let me in (I forget why now) so I thought it was just for people who were taking Martin’s classes.
    I wish I could think of some funny retort about a *private club* but I think my mind already went to bed LOL.

    It’s all good!

    Namaste and much love,


  2. Karen T. says:

    I think Andrew’s answer rocks!!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    This is one of the best answers I’ve ever seen to a question like that. And another verification that Andrew truly is answering the questions. And Please you people out there, POST SOME RESPONSES.

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    No Leila, the forum is for those who are registered on the site not just the classes. There was an issue even with people who are registered when Martin was upgrading the forum but it seems to have been resolved.

    If you still have a problem e-mail Martin at [email protected]

    I think I handled the situation as best I could considering everything I’ve been going through. I didn’t respond to the e-mails until January when I had the energy to do so. I held them (it wasn’t just Linda) accountable for their actions by addressing each accusation with the actual truth about my son. I needed to do that for myself as a mother, I had to speak my truth! You don’t get to attack my son and our relationship and not hear from me!

    Karen, I think Andrew’s answer did rock. I think it was an important one to share.

  5. admin says:

    Lol Lol Jeremy, now I got you to do some begging for me now? Or are you bored only reading a few responses?! I’m starting to feel like Will Smith in I Legend!!! LMAO OR are you trying to help me avoid another melt down?? ;-)

  6. Leah Clark says:

    Connie –

    I know your resident stalker is gone, because she and I stalk each other! So I’ll have to come here more to release some of that energy. LOL!!!! Andrew’s responses always rock, and they are a good reminder for all of us!

  7. admin says:

    I think it is so cool how people are meeting here and becoming friends! It was my hope that, that would happen! Have you been in touch with Anna lately?

    Oh, & don’t they have internet in India?? Isn’t that where all the tech support comes from anyways?? LOL SWAAATIIIIIIIII!!!

  8. Leah Clark says:

    Anna and I emailed a bit last week. We’re both crazy busy right now!

    Hey, yeah Swati!!!! Whaddupwiddat????

  9. Dana says:

    I have no one to entertain me at work now that Swati is in India *sniff*

    Andrew’s answer rocks!

  10. Ape says:


    Swati told me I should come over here to see Andrew ;) This is so cool! I did something for Andrew today :D that I’m really happy about.. but I’m making up a youtube video to show you :D :D and.. I’m slow! It’s my new thing.. I lag.. okay I’ll check back in soon, thanks for the awesome blog Connie!


  11. admin says:

    So how long is Swati gonna be gone??? BaaaaaWaaaaaa How r u suppose to work Dana?? What was she thinking????

    Oooooo I can’t wait Ape!!

  12. Leila says:

    Ok I’m over it! :-)

    The first time you shared about the emails I was angry. Then reading about it again I found I wasn’t angry but deeply saddened. My heart felt physically wounded last night (yet I’m not really surprised and it explains a lot). I’ve let go of it all. Of course it’s easy for me- it didn’t happen to me and it wasn’t my child who ascended.

    Andrew’s response was/is beautiful and I hope that his words brings you comfort from the callous BS (IMHO) that was said to you. Even if it were true (NOT that it was) who would say such a thing to someone whose son just ascended???? Doesn’t seem too love and light filled to me.

    Here goes a tiny rant…I am so tired of hearing such BS from *light workers* It feels to me as if they have traded a bunch of rhetoric guilt, fear and judgmental religious dogma for *new age* guilt, fear and judgmental rhetoric dogma. And another thing (OK I guess I’m not completely over it LOL) if these so called light workers would spend more time on healing there own issues before they go about *healing* someone else this world would be heaven on earth. End of rant.

    Connie, please don’t give up the blog. What you have to say and how you feel is very valid and important that you continue to express your self rather it’s funny, enlightening, or deeply painful for you. Just keep getting it out. You have no clue (neither do I :-) )how many people you have/are/will touch by sharing your experiences. Who knows how many *lurkers* are out there but are just cyber shy.

    Thanks for explaining about the forum (I was feeling left out from the *private club* LOL) I’ve never registered here. (I’ve never been a big joiner LOL) I will register and check it out because I want to hear what Andrew is sharing with everyone too!!!

    Don’t worry Swati will be back soon. You know you can’t keep a good stalker down. LOL

    I hope this isn’t an inappropriately long post if so—oh well ya shouldn’t let just anyone respond here LOL

    Love and abundant blessings,


  13. Leila says:

    OMG!! I just got into the forum!!! :-)
    I can’t believe I’ve been missing all this!!!!
    Now I just need to create some time to read all of it!
    Thanks soo much!!!

  14. Pretty Mama says:

    I know! There’s a lot of great stuff there! SO glad you finally made it on the (private club lol) forum!

    In defense of the callus e-mails, I got them the morning of the night he ascended. It still doesn’t make it right because they knew he was in the PICU and things were intense. Plus NONE of what they had to say was true. How 2 people, in which one never met him and the other only briefly, can think they know my son better than Martin and I is way beyond me. Jealously & your own funk does a lot of things. I’m just glad they didn’t do it to someone who couldn’t handle it. I think what irritates more was the fact one of them touts themselves as a teacher/healer! To me? She’s dangerous!

    I saw an old friend yesterday, she’s my quick ‘dealer’ LOL for my supplements until I can order some. Her son is Andrew’s age & Muck use to go over there when he was young. She knew a bit about the e-mails. When I told her about them comparing Andrew to most teenagers she said “well you know right there they have no clue! Andrew went to the beat of a whole different drummer. It probably wasn’t even a drummer that his beat was to!” LOL I then said “Right? he didn’t think outside the box…he couldn’t even see any kind of box! The box did not exist to him!” LMAO

    She then told me a story of how when he would be over her house, he would follow her outside and help her in the back yard and ask questions. She was surprised that a kid that young would be that interested in what she was doing. She remembers him when she looks in her back yard.

    Thanks for validating my writing. I appreciate it. It helps me to keep going knowing that people enjoy it, learn from it, & look forward to it. I had a *lurker* (Brandon @ Awakenings) the other day tell me how much he enjoys the blog. What can I say?? I am an attention ho!

    Ooops this is a long response too. Yea, they really shouldn’t let just anyone post here! LOL


  15. Dana says:

    Swati will be back on April 7. Then she has to get over the jet lag.

    Connie – I think YOU should entertain me now at work! :D

    maybe coming here is death from the Other Side. LOL I just made that up.

    Actually, I think Kryon has said it before (or someone else LOL! I’ve read it before). Makes sense though doesn’t it? The difference is, folks on the Other Side know where we have gone and that we are suffering amnesia. So methinks there is not the grief there that we experience here cuz of all the BS about what the ‘after life’ is like or IF there even is an after life!


    Even if it were true (NOT that it was) who would say such a thing to someone whose son just ascended???? Doesn’t seem too love and light filled to me.


    Amen to THAT sistah! Jaybez! What ever happened to ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!’ Would this person want to hear this BS if they just lost a child? I think not! As my dad used to instruct me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all!’

  16. Pretty Mama says:

    Exactly Dana, the Other Side knows the truth about when we come here so there isn’t any grieving when we leave. They don’t have the amnesia we do. SO it’s not considered death, just a journey & we’ll be back soon enough. It’s like going to work if you will. I know that way over simplifies it but you get the idea.

    PLUS our Higher Selves are still there, which is why Andrew doesn’t miss us, he has us! Interesting stuff huh??

  17. Joanie Light says:

    Well, I’m late to this party but very glad to be back online. You have no idea the IA guilt I was riding for asking the question. I loved Muck’s answer. I have a few other insights, but will let the topic drop. I totally agree about not doing readings when one is ill, fearful or out of sorts in ANY way. We chose not to do staff ATP readings in Kona because of that very thing. Jet lag does not enhance a reading. My guidance said no by making our appointment sheets disappear. Good enough for me.

    I know IA’s are always saying “I’m sorry,” and I do apologize profoundly for pushing any buttons.

  18. admin says:

    ((((Joanie,))))) you didn’t push any buttons, seriously, you did not. It gave me a chance to out the people who did this so people can be more aware. Keeping quiet about such behavior only allows it to perpetuate IMHO.

    It also was great because it gave Andrew a chance to teach. It was no mistake that you asked, it was all in Divine order w/o doubt! :-)

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