He really is! I’ll save the best for last tho.

Today I was going on my treadmill, I wiped the cob webs & dust off and got back on it again since right before Andrew was diagnosed. Believe it or not, I did actually use my treadmill on a regular basis. Sometimes Andrew would be in working out on his weights while I did the treadmill. Then I would use the weights and he’d be on the treadmill.

Before going on I check the tv channels to see what was on that I could mindlessly stare at to take my mind off of walking a mile and a 1/2 and not get anywhere. I had already seen TLC’s 10 Years Younger and decided to see what else was on.

Something very weird happens, I mean really weird, I stop and see what is on the CMT channel! Anyone who knows me, knows, I DO NOT DO COUNTRY! Especially CMT!! Yet I check and see what’s on. Trading Spouses is on, it’s the National Enquirer’s version of Wife Swap. I don’t watch those shows anymore since Wife Swap didn’t have us on. We were too functional for them. They say they want interesting, but that’s a lie, because I know we are interesting enough! Trading Spouses were the ones that had that awful woman from the “dork side” on. For whatever reason, I decide to watch it. As I’m watching it I realize why I have it on.

There’s this self absorbed, know it all, ridiculously strict, staunch vegan mother from California that switches with a gator eating, Louisiana swamp bayou, kinda red neck, lovely family. This family was laid back and genuinely loved one another. Not my cup of tea, but you could see how close they were.

As I’m watching this, it’s starts coming together as to WHY I had it on. I didn’t even see the 1st 30 mins of it, didn’t need to, the message was loud and clear! Everything this self absorbed, finger pointing, know it all, judgmental, biotch said was wrong with the bayou family was actually ALL the things wrong with HER family!!!! Every bit of it!

This California mom acted like it was her place to point out all these things ‘wrong’ with the other family because she felt this other mom wasn’t doing as well a job as she was IHHO. I wanted to pimp slap her! She was telling the Louisiana Mom that her son is depressed and never laughed. So the Louisiana mom did say that her son had a great laugh and maybe it was because of HER he didn’t laugh! When you see the Ca. mom with her sons you get the picture. She was horrible with them!

Andrew was just confirming for me what I already knew about the callus and offensive e-mails I had received the day he ascended from 2 so called Light Workers, it was all THEIR own stuff they didn’t want to look at. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with us.

Andrew wanted to make sure I knew it was a sign from him of reassurance and NOT a coincidence. And me putting on CMT made that loud and clear!! LOL I didn’t think I needed any reassurance about that situation but it’s always nice to get it anyway.
He’s still watching out for me & is protective of his Pretty Mama! :-D

Martin had something happen today he thought was pretty cool. Even Martin likes getting signs from Andrew too. Martin had a computer site he was working on and Andrew was right there with him. Andrew loves his computers! Andrew tells him, “let me show you the CPU I wanted to get Daddy. Click on the 2nd category, then the 3rd, that’s it!” Martin has Andrew’s journal he used for his computer research right there and he checks the CPU’s sku# on the website that Andrew just showed him, and then looked in his journal and it was the EXACT same number! Martin thought that was waaaay cool.

Martin also saw Andrew’s rocker, rocking on it’s own the other day. He took a double take and yup! It was still a rocking!

Now on to my exciting moment in the middle of the night last night. I wasn’t in a deep sleep or anything but I was relaxed when out of the blue I hear a very clear and very audible male voice say, “Hello!” It got my attention! I was so excited! My heart was racing! I couldn’t believe it. I’m assuming it was Andrew. You know it was Andrew! How cool is that?? :-D I’m still riding that very cool wave! Could it be that I’m on my way to hearing, seeing and feeling Andrew like the good ole days?? I’ll have it all but the physical? I hope so! It won’t be the same but it could be pretty darn great regardless! I think my and Swati’s diabolical plan might be coming together!


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3 Responses to ANDREW IS SO GOOD TO ME!

  1. Karen T. says:

    I’m giving a big grin and a crazy diabolical laugh for your progress Pretty Mama! How cool this all is for you….how very cool!!

  2. Dana says:

    Awesome stuff Connie!

    Yeah – I’ve encountered enough of the New Age ‘Right’. Makes a body feel like they’ve never left ‘church’ *EEK!* As long as you know it’s not your ‘stuff’ – but theirs – it’s all goode!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Well, CMT does have Country Fried Home Videos – so they must be doing SOMETHING right! LMAO!!!

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