PUREHEART Strikes Again!

I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing stories like these. It just proves that we are so much more than our bodies, and there is so much more than this dimension.

Martin was on a reading the other day and his client was feeling this new energy around her. She was thinking it was a new Guide possibly, she wanted Martin’s take on it.

Since her first reading with Martin, which was very recent, she had a major spiritual awakening. It’s not really uncommon when you get a reading with Martin because when you get a reading with Martin, you get PureHeart too. And when you have PureHeart, you have major energy work going on if you are open to it. Obviously she was open.

So she had to ask Martin if he knew who this energy was that she was feeling around her. She described him as being tall, like 6’4,”  while young, like 16yo, very wise. He has these amazing blue eyes, and she sees this green glow that pulsates in his chest area. Martin told her that it was PureHeart, his son. She was so excited about this. She said his energy is so amazing and seductive that she asked “Can I keep him!?” That’s my boy! ;-D

Martin told her that she may, because PureHeart is showing up as a Guide to many people. So it will be interesting to hear what experiences she has had with PureHeart by her next call.


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    Too cool!!!!!

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