It was hard 2009, but it ended mighty FINE!

Well, 2009’s holiday season has come to an end and I have to say, I have really enjoyed this holiday season. Never thought I’d ever be able to say that again! Feels good to say it again. Does it mean my grief is gone, not by a long stretch, but a lot of the stress has been lifted which makes the grief easier to deal with.

While 2009 was another hard, stressful year, it did end on a high note for us and I for one am so grateful! I felt like I was being crushed under huge boulders, and now I feel so much lighter, like they were lifted. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

New Years was wonderful. Martin and I spent the New Year’s Eve day together shopping and having lunch out with the gift certificates we won at the Light The Night thank you event. We met up with Elatia at the mall to have a drink before we had to go our separate ways until later.

Andrew let us know he was out with us the whole day, it makes being out that much sweeter. For instance, Elatia and I went into Victoria Secret & as I was browsing around I see this t-shirt on sale and what does it have on it? 22! So I bought it!

When Martin and I were at Sam Ash music store, I kept hearing, “guitar strap! guitar strap!” So I start looking at them and all I see is a Jimi Hendrix, a green alien, and other uninteresting ones. But I keep hearing “guitar strap!” SO then I think that there must be John Denver or Beatles guitar straps somewhere in the store. I continue to look and BINGO! There they were! An array of Beatles guitar straps. The one that caught my eye was the “Abbey Road” one. I knew Andrew wanted to get it for Martin. I could almost seeing him clapping and smiling big as I took it off the rack to show Martin. Martin was so excited! Martin then saw the Beatles guitar pics, well we had to get them too. So that was 2 wee pressies for Martin from Andrew.

We spent our New Year’s Eve night at the Irish Rover. What better place for us to ring in the new year than with people that have always been there for us! Martin played mandolin. We brought “The Muck” and took pics of him. Elatia and JR joined us. We watched the ball drop across the street at the Boar’s Head. OK, it’s no Times Square by any stretch of the imagination, but it was cool to see anyway. They even had fire works. Not bad for our wee Gulf Gate! (the area is called Gulf Gate)

Today Martin and I had our steakie goodness New Years Day dinner. When Andrew was in hospital, NY strip steaks were on sale so we bought him some because that’s all he wanted for dinner. As you might remember, Martin and I had a blast making Muck his steakie goodness as Muck kept calling us at the Clown House making sure we were making his steak rare. He was just too funny about it!

After Andrew left, we had 2 steaks left of his, so we cooked them for New Years dinner in 2008. When I went to get the steaks for this New Years dinner, they were on sale again. There were 2 of them together and I heard Andrew tell me  “those 2 are there just for you and Daddy.” So I bought them and they were absolutely delish! It was a nice New Years Day today. Martin was working, so it was a quiet one, which is fine by me!

Martin and I are both looking forward to this year in a big way! To start a new year AND a new decade with not only a full moon but a blue moon? Well, that’s just shear power there my friends! Use it wisely! ;-)

So I wish all of you a powerful, prosperous, wonderful, easier and HEALTHY, 2010!


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5 Responses to It was hard 2009, but it ended mighty FINE!

  1. Dulcy says:

    Hi ((((Connie))))!

    I’m so very happy to hear that 2009 ended on a high note for you and Martin, and I celebrate that your energy is happier/lighter! May 2010 be a year of increasing inner peace.

    My Love to you, Martin, Elatia — and Andrew!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you so much Dulcy! It feels so good to feel good again! Thank you very much for the calendar! What a lovely surprise. I couldn’t email you to thank you because my emailer is messing up. So glad you commented here!

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with peace, love and joy!

  3. Karen T says:

    How awesome it is to read the words “It feels good to feel good again” from you Connie. That makes me smile! So glad the lighter has come your way…finally!! Here’s to 2010 and all the magic it will bring!!

  4. Dulcy says:

    ((((Connie)))), you’re more than welcome for the calendar! :)

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