He’s coming back! Are you ready?

This is what it said on the Salvation Army’s marque. ARRRRRRRRG! It just grinds my ass when I see these kinds of things on church marques! All it is, is FEAR FEAR FEAR! Lemme guess, 2012 is now the due date of Christ’s return since 2000/Y2K was a bust?! As was 1975 etc. AND you better be ‘saved’ or else!? Seriously? Pul-eeease! I think what irritates me is that these kinds of religions give Jesus a bad name! “Believe in me or spend eternity burning in HELLLLLLLLL!” That is so NOT Jesus! He’s a lover, not a burner.

So as I was on my little rant while driving in the car, on my own, the new song Andrew sent us came on, by Owl City, “Butterflies.” I immediately started laughing knowing it was him trying to lighten my mood. He shifted my irritated energy into one of laughter immediately.

Then when I left Whole Foods, I’m at a red light. I notice a Catholic church and what was over it’s door? A YULE-tide wreath! A Pagan symbol! ARRRRRGGGG! These religions put down Pagans as heathens yet steal their holidays and symbols! ARRRRRRGGGG! I don’t mind if these religions want to use Pagan symbols but don’t steal them, call them your own, and then call Pagans devil worshipers! AAARRRRRG! The irony is, is that it’s those religions made up the devil and then pass him off to the Pagans!??? Pagans don’t even believe in the devil! ARRRRRRGGGGG!

Sooooo while I was on my second wee rant on organized religion, alone in the car still, mind you, the song “I Gotta a Feelin” by Blackeyed Peas came on, so I started singing and grooving to that song. Once again Muck shifted my energy into one of joy. The irony again? He felt the same way about these religions, they really pissed him off too! ;-) But none of that matters to him anymore where he is, so he can help me shift my irritation of them into joy. He’s a good son!


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  1. Karen T says:

    Bring on the joy Andrew!!

    I absolutely love “I Gotta Feeling”…it is my feel good song. Zach yells at me today to come in the livingroom. When I get in, he says, “Mommy…you song!” as he points to the tv. A commercial for the new Kid’s Bop cd was on and the kids were singing “I Gotta Feeling”.

    And I got you as an angry pirate with the large printed AAARRRRRRGGGGs…LOL Sexy! LMAO

    Love ya Connie!

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