Andrew has had a rather restful night!! Finally sleeping w/ the occational talking in his sleep. He’s threaten to kick the s**t outta someone. Told someone else to keep up & other fun stuff. He’s been sleeping for quite awhile only waking for a few moments. He doesn’t even remember my sister giving him an hour foot massage! Martin and I finally got to spend a little time together. We had 2 dates in the hospital cafeteria yesterday!! We feel like teenagers again! :lol :lol

Once we went was when Adele and her teacher, Betsy, tag teamed Andrew with energy work. We say OT stands for “out there therapy” instead of occupational. ;) cause she’s one of us. Then when my sister was here we got to go again. ANdrew hasn’t slept this long ever! Adele and Betsy must’ve really did a number on him. :D I must thank them later when I see them.

He actually slept in my chair so I had to take his bed. He said he was really comfortable there. Occationally he’d ask if I was ok and comfortable! Unbelieveable! His fever has been gone most of yesterday and ALL night! That hasn’t happened since we’ve been here!! Wooo Hoooo!

He’ll have physical therapy today. He’s looking forward to it and was even talking about it in his sleep. He’s also found his drug of choice, adavan (SP) He hasn’t had it since sometime early yesterday. But it really helps him w/his throat. He hated the morphine. Adavan makes him giddy and we like that. :D He’ll cough up something and say “AHHH I got the little bas***d!” :lol :lol He’s soooo grounded after this! :rollin

It would appear we are starting to come out the other side of this. His heart didn’t have the extra sound anymore, his lungs are strong. We’re still keeping a close eye on his spleen. Martin and Adele are doing a lot of energy work on his throat. And of course we hold the truth that his body only makes healthy white blood cells from now on.

We might be here a total of 6 weeks. Depends how well he responds to treatment. His throat has to be healed, he has to be able to eat. And all his vitals have to strong. They had him on high blood pressure meds yesterday. I think it’s just as a need to basis. Not a reg. thing.

We know this is the treatment he needed now. It saved his life. Without treatment patients only live about 3 to 6 months. :eek We didn’t have time to mess around w/alternatives hoping they would work. I knew what to do w/my daughter and knew where to take her. But w/Andrew I hadn’t a clue. Didn’t know anyone who healed luekemia w/only alternatives. Talk about having to surrender!!?? Do u even know how hard that is for a Wise One?? ANd a red headed one at that?? :lol Even Elatia’s acupuncturist whose speciality is Chinese medicine and cancer said we had to do this first. But after this, she will be the first one we visit!

As always we send all of you abundant blessings for all your love and support!! :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE


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