Magnitude of Gratitude!

Andrew is back to drinking soy milk, 48 oz. so far today!! And actually had a few small pieces of banana as well today!!! :hula :hula He is wanting to branch out more wanting some V8 Splash and some fruit juice.

His blood pressure was high yesterday and last night, so he’s been on meds for that but it didn’t come down last night. I think because of the stress and frustration of his sore throat. He said if it weren’t for that he’d feel great! He has ulcerations in his throat from the chemo. SO you can only imagine how painful that must be. His blood pressure did come down today tho. I think because he has been able to drink some & feels like he’s making some progress.

The docs say his numbers look good. It’s where he needs to be. His white cell count is starting to come back so his throat should really start healing. :hula :hula

As I sit in the hospital I think about ALL the things I am grateful for. There is so much. I am grateful for the time me, Andrew, & Martin have together. This time will bond us for ever on such a deep level, we have been thru so much together. I am grateful that thru ALL this stress Martin and I have been able to be there for one another. I am grateful for Andrew’s progress. I am grateful for all the amazing love and support we have on the “outside.” If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be able to be here w/Andrew 24/7 focused on his healing. That in itself is an amazing gift. We have truly seen how much we are loved!!

 Even Andrew thinks about all the things he is grateful for. Things he’s taken for granted he will no longer he said. I have always felt he appreciated everything. I guess he will do so more now. He said a vacation now would be being home. He may never want to leave!

 Vitals are in and his blood pressure is great! But his temp has gone up again. *sigh* Not much tho 38.2 = 100.8

We already have plans to start acupuncture as soon as we get home. A friend had worked at an acupuncture clinic by our house that has treatments specifically for luekemia. It will help him detox and build his immune system. Plus with our new organic, high alkalne diet he will be at his best health EVER!! He will shock the docs how quick he heals after we are home and he won’t need continued treatments of western meds! That is our affirmation and belief! We will continue w/his check ups, they are vital in his continued health.

 All in all it has been a grreat day!! Things are on the up swing and should be moving right along. I know as soon as his throat feels better, he will hit the ground running w/his healing!!


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    AWESOME! You guys are in such high vibration right now – you are inspring me! Sending lots of love and light!

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