Connie Here: 

Those were Andrew’s words the night after coming off a 5 day sedation and intubation, upon other profound and insightful things he shared with us. I am in constant awe of this child. Even today when I got here  & he was coughing and gagging because of the mucousitus he still said he was doin pretty good.

He had a beathing treatment that actually worked!! Woohoo! FINALLY! Something that worked for a change w/o major side effects. He’s been resting pretty good altho still talking in his sleep. Not sure when he’s talking in his sleep or really talking to me. His irritation when I don’t answer gives it away. lol

 I honestly don’t know how he does it. I think he sees the bigger picture in it for him. He knows there’s a greater purpose in all this. He truly walks his talk. Not many people I can say that about. He truly believes in the Law Of Attraction and positive thoughts. I know he will get the lessons and blessings with this experience and if Martin and I (mainly me) forget to see it, he will remind us. He absolutley believes that we create our own reality. ANd like I said before he knows he left himself too open to others’ toxic enviroments and took on their stuff. When we looked up luekemia in Louise Hays book You Can Heal YOur Life, it did not even remotely describe Andrew. Luekemia “Blocking the flow of life. Blocking joy. Lack of inspiration” Something to that effect. It’s soooooo not Andrew but it is some of the people he has been trying to “save.” Not to mention he has been feeling what is being done to the Earth as well. He takes it to heart as I did as a kid but I shut down. So we explained to him that the Earth will be fine. We need to do our part so Mother Earth doesn’t get rid of us. We explained that by doing the little things like using Earth friendly products and light bulbs, it will make a difference. Also so many cool and easy things are out there to make it easy to go green. That made him feel better.

 We believe this experience will give him a voice and his is a voice that needs to be heard!!

We are praying for a restful night tonight. He has earned that one!



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  1. Joyce says:

    Hi…and bright blessings!

    It’s nearly Lammas… will be celebrating this harvest with corn cakes, and with thoughts of Andrew’s miracle healing. Andrew, you are a young man I would be proud to know. And perhaps someday in the not so distant future, we will meet. I am sending you all the healing energies I can pull together, and am keeping you high in my thoughts. Keeping your Mom and Dad there, as well.. cause I know hospitals can drive ya INSANE… has this happened yet? “Sir, please wake up.. it’s time to take your sleeping pill.” … I don’t know anyone who’s been hospitalized, that it HASN’T happened to… makes ya wanna look at the ceiling and ask for strength. :)

    Thing is, Andrew, ya impress me as being a very strong young man… one who has a wisdom beyond your years, and one who can stand and square your shoulders and face down ANY challenge. When I visualize you, I don’t see someone sick in bed in a hospital, but someone who radiates health and strength. Know that.

    Blessed be!!!

  2. Joyce says:

    Well, guess I’m to comment to my comment. ;) Take care.. stay strong and blessed be!

  3. Adrian says:

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  4. Leah Clark says:

    Hi Andrew –

    Last time I looked, this blog hadn’t been started – and now there’s lots to catch up on! I’m glad some things are going better – we are all expectant and intending your full recovery. Reading your mom’s posts, she and I are lot alike – in the words of Mercedes Lackey, don’t mess with the feral mother! LOL

    I’m a fairly new student of the Law of Attraction, but I have seen it work in so many parts of my life! There are two visualizations that you can download from The Secret website – one is for money (never a bad thing), but one is for helping you feel good and get into good vibration every day. It uses visuals and music from the film and has affirmations in big, bold letters. Just go to

    Sending you lots of love and light!

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