(((((((((HUGS)))))))) for everyone!! It’s hard for me to get eveyone’s name in. I love and appreciate each and everyone of you!! YOU ROCK!Now on to the progress!!!

Now on to the progress!!!Here’s a cool story for you. My friend/hairdresser’s son Cameron, who will be 4 next month, sez yesterday outta the blue, while outside in the garden, “Mommy, Andrew is healed!” Lori asks him, “How do you know?” Cam sez “Because God told me. ANd the Aliens 0] and the fairies :FAIRY  said too, but mostly God.” Our friend Jeremy is celestial and Martin being Martin, Cam is right on the money! :D Very cool huh?? If you don’t know what I mean, just disregard this as the ramblings of a crazy red head in the wee hours of the morning. Makes me wanna just take Andrew home when his counts r up and not come back. I mean, he’s healed right?? :D SO what’s the problem?? I trust Cameron! :-D

Andrew has gained about 18 lbs back so far!! 7 lbs since yesterday! WOOT WOOT!! :belly He’s finally gaining weight like I do! :lol The IV nutrients are helping as well as his taking in 3 Scandie shakes a day and OJs, rice milks, gatorades and a full pudding tonight!! Wooo Hooooo :dog

I got to bed late this a.m. about 10a.m. so I missed ANdrew’s walk about! :( But I did get 8 hrs. of sleep! That’s worth a doggie dance! :dog He and Martin went to the 4th floor and played pool. Andrew won! :CAT Martin told me he won. He said “What? Just because he’s healing luekemia and is weak I should let him win???” *smack* :lol Then I find out he actually lost….to the weak kid??!! :lol :lol And lied about it!!! LOSER!! :rollin :rollin

Andrew WALKED the whole way, no wheel chair! They went to the cafeteria again too! I’m so excited!! The best b-day pressie EVER! I can hug my son! ANd go on walks with him. BTW did I metion it’s my b-day on Wed.?? 29th one to be exact! ;-)

This a.m. the nice doc, Daniel, came in and said the main docs are very pleased with his #’s. That was great to hear!

Martin, Andrew and I talked about his upcoming treatments. Apparently there are 5 more w/hospital stays! :eek :eek :x ANdrew onlys knows about 3. Who knows, maybe he’s right! You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one! :D

At least when we come back he will be well, with healthy blood and bone marrow cause that’s what he’s got now. Treatment shouldn’t be as bad. What made it so bad before was the fact he had a throat & sinus infection AND healing luekemia. Now all that is gone, he’s getting his strength back.

The 4 days we’re home we’ll take him to Elatia’s Dr. Plus feed him the high alkaline food and supplements. As long as his throat is fine we can continue that in the hospital. It’s only his throat still being inflamed that prevents him from eating.

Tomorrow he has his last LP for awhile. Let’s see some hulas! :hula :hula His friends are visiting in the afternoon. Hoping to get it done in the a.m. so he’ll be awake when they get here.

I was angry when I first heard about the upcoming treatment. He just doesn’t deseve all this! Now I’m using my anger for good and not evil. :hat Stay tuned for the announcements soon! There’s gonna be a few! Here’s one, the song is up for down load on youtube! Go check it out! http://www.youtube.com/andhealive This is a Universal beautiful song of healing! GO watch and rate it!  We’re going to turn this trauma into a great success!! Beause that’s just how we freakin roll people!!!! 8) No victims here! Only winners!

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