Ok, Here’s the great news!! ANdrew had a 4 hour furlough today!! :D :belly SO we went to the clown house and showed him ALL around it. We sat in the rec room and out on the back patio that is gorgeous. Our room is on the 3rd floor. He took ALL the steps no probs! He loved it! Then we sat in the livingroom for a bit. He loved the house’s energy and was taking it in. WE sat and chatted for awhile. He loved being outside. The neighborhood is gorgeous and you can smell nature. :D

Then we made our way to the cafeteria again and Andrew walked around there, picked out some Tropicana OJ, which we are in walking distance of the Tropicana Field stadium, just a little triva for you :D and some Poweraide. He wanted to sit there while I ate. He got tired of looking at his drinks and decided to give it a go w/o his numbing med for his throat. HE DID IT! He drank a tiny bit of each w/no probs!! :dog We only stayed gone for 2 hours, which was long enough. It was soooooooo tempting to just get in the car and go home!!! It’s only 45 mins away! That’s an hour and a half still could have 2 1/2 hours at home!! ;) But then we’d have to tell him about Wolfie and he’s not ready for that yet. We got the news today of his 2nd part of his treatment. & that was enough for him to digest.

Ok, here comes the not as great of news. :\ The 2nd part of his treament. Hopefully next weekend we’ll get to go home. BUT for only 4 days!! :x Then we have to come back for another 2 weeks!! :eek Because he has to have his 2nd round of chemo for 10 days!! *wipes tear* I knew it was too good to be true. I knew we’d have to come back weekly maybe for lighter chemo but not have to stay another 2 weeks!!!!  No wonder I’ve still been waiting to exhale! I’m trying not to be bummed about it. Martin and Andrew talked about it and Andrew’s ready to do it. He’s accepted it. He’s focused on the 4 days. SO how can I tell him about WOlfie, he’s still planning on saying good bye to him. :( Is it any wonder I haven’t wore make up in over a month?? Why bother?? *wipes a bunch more tears*

We’re thinking that he’ll be in better shape than when he first got here so maybe it won’t be so bad. They do this 2nd round of chemo for the luekemia they can’t see. :eek Finding it hard to love the luekemia cells Caz!! :lol The 2nd treatment gives him a 90% survival rate. 60% without it. YOu do the math, what do you think we’re gonna do.

We’re planning on doing the acupuncture and supplements as soon as we get home. He will stay on the supplements as long as he can swallow them. I just want to keep his immune system built up. On the up side, soon after his 2nd treatment, it won’t be long before he gets to meet Dr. Emoto!!! :D :D I think that is keeping him going.

SO Andrew is going to need your prayers for quite awhile!

Will be back sooon gotta take care of ANdrew nowMagickal Blessings!

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