I am on an Angel board and have been for years. I would post there first and copy and paste here after, which is where I got all the emoticons. The board is filled with ALL kinds of healers from around the world which is how Andrew got to be known world wide. They have been a great support to me while Andrew was in the hospital! They were a life line for me and talked me down when things would get scary.
I’ve been just posting here now hence the lack of cool emoticons :-D  I posted on the Angel board tonight Andrew’s last post on LOA and Soul Contracts. I am blown away by the response so far! Not only are people reading the words they are actually feeling the words! It is so powerful what is happening with Andrew! So I have to concede & agree that Andrew did have to Ascend to carry on his Higher Purpose. My Mama Gene is still pissed about it tho but I get it.

To read how deep & profoundly Andrew is touching people’s hearts’ is doing my heart so good! It really is helping me to accept his new position in life! His purpose is without a doubt a HUGE one! I am now getting the validation for it. You’d think the peace he has put in my heart the first week after he left would be enough, but it’s not. :-D That alone shows how powerful he is! All this is really helping too!

Ok, Muck! You win! You can do more over there and you will continue to work with us. All is as it should be. But it still SUCKS for me!


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7 Responses to OK, I HAVE TO CONCEDE!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – Andrew is indeed doing much good here. What is truly amazing is that he was able to affect people he never even met, BEFORE his ascension! And now, LOOK OUT! Pure Heart is kicking butt and taking names!!! And we get to HELP! Woo-hoo!!!

    And even in the midst of your grief, know this – your boy is doing you PROUD!!!!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    (Hey Swati!!! :P)

  3. Christine Salter says:

    Hi Connie,
    I love the new header. Beautiful! It is amazing what Andrew is able to do. He visited me and I wasn’t aware when things were going on. I am proud of all of you. Yes it does SUCK! I know the mission is important and that will keep you going. You are an amazing woman Connie. I am here to read/listen if you need me.

    Love and Light,
    Christine Salter

  4. Swati says:

    Just woke up! Leah…you beat me to it this time!

    Connie, I have said this before and will say it again…I find YOU most amazing through it all!! I guess because I am mum and can just feel how hard this is for a mum, and YET you react the way you do, always seeing the higher purpose through your grief. Now that requires superhuman powers in my opinion.


  5. admin says:

    I’m off to get my cape and tights now Swati! Denise get your sewing machine ready!! LOL LOL

    It really is mind boggling Leah on how many people he is effecting around the world during and after his healing journey! He is healed and we continue to heal….so the journey continues! As hard as all this is??? It also shows how blessed I am to have this amazing Spirit as my son!

    Christine is one of the amazing people along with Swati from the Angel Board. Thank you for always being there! All of you!


  6. Janice Olson (Shininglite) says:

    Hi Connie!

    When I read the LOA thread on the angel board, I felt a cool feeling in my stomach. It really resonated with me!!

    I can only imagine the roller coaster emotions you are experiencing! As a mom, it’s hard to let go of our babies. They are not supposed to go before us (it’s in the parent rulebook which of course, kids don’t read!!).

    You must be so proud of Andrew!!!!! I tell people about him and what he’s doing now all the time (hard to explain that I never actually met him though).

    The other day I was angry with my son and I could swear it was Andrew who came through and said something like, “will any of this really matter a year or even a month from now?” and it gave me such a feeling of peace.

    Hey, has Andrew met Cernnunos yet? Maybe I should ask in the forum? He (Cernunos) guides my younger son and I adore him! Such lovely earthy energy!!

    Angel hugs,

  7. Sue says:

    It totally resonated with me too what Andrew said about LOA.

    I don’t mean any disrespect at all by the comparison, but you know how devoted I am as a cat mom… We lost little Sarabande and Houdini in July 2005 as 3 month old kittens.

    And to this day I am sad about how they died, but so proud of them because we have a HORDE of spirit animals that hang out with us. You see, they saw us doing rescue work with cats-in-body and decided after they passed to do rescue work with animals who are passing over, to help them cross.

    During Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, they went over to Louisiana and helped many animal spirits cross…. and they help my friend who is a vet with animals she is putting to sleep…. and we call on them when we see deceased animals where the spirit is still there in shock.

    Some of those animals have joined the rescue work so we have everything from a bunny, squirrels, skunks, possums, a raccoon, an otter, as well as several cats who they helped cross over who wanted to help others too so often the task on the other side is just tremendous and they do so much from there–yet it’s still sad to lose them physically despite the close contact afterward and knowing all the good they do in the world….

    They all say hi and if Andrew shows up with a little insouciant calico, that’s Sarabande–and Houdini is black….

    and the Rainbow Bridge Brigade

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