If you read Andrew’s latest post he talks about the LOA and Soul Contracts. He also mentioned the Law of Alchemy, that in order to get what you want you have to give something up of equal value. Not sure I’m liking that law!! But then again with all that we have given up we deserve the freakin WORLD!!! And more! Look at what we had to give up?? He’s irreplaceable!! What can he possibly give us that would be of equal value?? I’ll tell you….

What does that mean to me now?? That if I want to connect to Andrew more now, I have to give up the grieving of his physical body. The more I accept who he is now the more he will be with us in Spirit, the stronger he will get. But of course it’s easier said than done for the mama gene! That mama gene just doesn’t want to let go!

So the journey continues……

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4 Responses to LAW OF ALCHEMY

  1. Swati says:

    I really can’t even fathom how the mama gene can let go. But you have done some incredible tasks before…and I think you will show me this too.


  2. Leah Clark says:

    Wow, Connie – that gave me chills! Giving to get… seems to be prevalent in almost every area of my life. I think in the Anime called Full Metal Alchemist, they call it Equivalent Exchange.

  3. Karen T. says:

    This Mama is in awe of you! Thank you for sharing all of this Connie.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you all for coming along for the ride! :-D

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