SO this will be short. Still have things to do to get ready. I will be back soon. Maybe even while I’m in Newark for 4 bloody hours awaiting our flight to Belfast!

Andrew gave me a nice surprise while looking through the suitcases as well. We had taken several to the hospital when we knew we were going to be there awhile. I open the big one, I always get the bigger one, the Diva always get the bigger case:-D and in there was a love note Andrew wrote to me while in the hospital. Like he said, he was a thinker…and sayer, he always told us he loved us, not a writer. But it says it all “I Love You” written out then a heart with the same thing then written inside of it then signed “From Andrew” SO I had me a Mucker moment. I didn’t cry, shocking I know! Instead I just felt his love for me and cherished it, smiled & felt joy. Make no mistake, I had already cried during the day! And later that night. No ugly cries or anything, just tears for a few minutes. Then I remember how Andrew doesn’t like that and I stop and visualize him with me instead.

Gotta go!


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10 Responses to OFF TO IRELAND!

  1. Lord Horus says:

    Hey Guys!.. Guess what.. Im the first one to post anything on this one… LOL.. Anyway.. was hoping you would give me a call before you left, but I guess you are probably already on your way to the airport.

    Tell Martin to give me a call before you hop across the Pond if he can.

    Have a Safe and Blessed Journey My Friends, Gods Speed.

    Lord Horus

  2. admin says:

    yea, been busy getting everything ready. He will try and call as soon as he can.

  3. Swati says:

    It is so amazing that you find notes, cards etc written by him to you both, hidden here and there. Have a nice and a safe trip to Ireland. May Andrew’s presence be felt and seen and heard very strongly all through it…

  4. Janice Olson (Shininglite from ATP board) says:

    I’m sure it’s no accident that you guys found these cards and notes!!!!! What a wonderful gift!! Have a wonderful time in Ireland.

  5. admin says:

    Hey Horus

    Called ya twice and texted ya. Will try again before we leave from Newark.

    Talk with you soon my friend

  6. Denise says:

    well Connie couldn’t get on the computer in bloody Newark !!!! She tried

  7. Leonore Schuetz says:

    Have a wonderful trip!

    I couldn’t be with you “live” for Karen’s radio show, but I was able to listen to it today while doing housework.

    There are so many of us deeply affected by you, Martin and Andrew.

    Laurel talked about the blog and forum Tuesday (yesterday) during her teleclass. It added such a beautiful energy. I ended up channeling Archangel Rafael (getting thrill chills now and tears).

    Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Tammy says:

    Connie & Martin….
    First off, Martin you don’t owe Cassie anything….(from an email from Connie) I didn’t know Cassoe sent you a song…so I am going to ask her what it was…I too find notes, that remind me of when you guys where here,
    remember the boys would write us notes for our pillows when we came home from the comedy clubs…I found a few from those times when I was going threw my pictures, because….get this…the way they were were not conducive to getting them together & out of the house safely if the fires got to close & we needed to be evacuated. So after the fires, I went threw them & got them all in one spot & threw the no longer needed photos away…& that was were some of the notes were….I think just Daniels were there. But I remembered that night & knew Andrew had written you guys one…It was a great little memory…
    Love light & Healing…

  9. Dana says:

    It’s still amazing and wonderful that you are finding notes of love and encouragement from Andrew!

    Have a wonderful time in Ireland – you deserve it!

    PS- take lots of pics!

  10. admin says:

    Ahhh geez Tammy I remember that! It was so sweet! Hmm maybe that is where the note is from. Now u r gonna make me cry again! I’m really gonna miss that!

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes! And Elatia is here with her kick ass camera so there will be loads of pics.

    Really tired now. Will try and be back later tomorrow

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