I had a nice time with Andrew this morning!! I think I may be starting to get the hang of his new position in life! But don’t hold me to that just yet! I did have a moment yesterday tho. I saw my father in law’s guitar in our room, which reminded me that Andrew had the strings that his granda last played on. Then I remembered Andrew crying when Martin played “This Old Guitar” in the picu the first time and I gently wiped his tears as he told me about the visitation he had by John Denver that day. It was such a tender moment we had shared. I realized I wouldn’t be able to wipe his tears anymore & my tears just started to flow. Martin & Andrew did some energy work on me as I fell asleep for a wee nap after our long uncomfotable journey. It’s a process!


This morning I did what Martin said and visualized him next to me laying on his side looking at me so I layed on my side too. I knew he was there, I could feel him and I knew he wanted me to visualize him there so we could have a chat. It was also easy because I had an experience in the middle of the night with him.


It’s mostly women on here reading this right?? I debated whether to mention this but then I remembered it’s pretty much women on here so here goes. My left ovary, ha ha kinda like a my left foot thing again, “Ma! There’s something wrong w/Connie!” Ok, you’d have to be there. Never mind. So my left ovary was a hurting. Not a twinge but a full on hurting that would keep me awake all night. It doesn’t happen to often thank Goddess! I didn’t feel like tripping over the suitcases and fumbling my way to the kitchen for water to take any Ecedrin.


I then remembered the energy work Andrew does on me through Martin to keep my heart feeling good. I’ll have to tell you about that process another time, it’s cool. Since coming to Ireland the energy has gone from a green blue energy to a full on, vibrant emerald green. So when the ache started I put my left hand over that area and the pain was GONE! IMMEDIATELY! It lasted awhile and when I felt a twinge again I did the same thing and it went away!


So this morning Andrew and I were laying in bed facing each other and have a wee chat! It was cool! I tried to remember to let him speak as well! LOL I told him that I miss his kisses on my forehead. He said “What do you think the buzzing on your 3rd eye is??” Ahhhh ok, I thought it was him clearing the clutter so I could see him better. He said “That too, killing 2 birds with the one stone.” WOW! He’s multitasking! :-) He’s a good child!


I asked him about all the plans we had made not just in the hospital but the plans we’ve always had. He said they were still on, he can make it happen easier from where he is now. I asked him about the HUGE house we always talked about having. We wanted to have a compound so we could all live close together. He said no worries, I did such a great job on the castle there, that he would make it happen for us here! YAY! *jumps up & down in excitement!*


I told him I wasn’t ready for any profound info, I just wanted to chat the way we always did. He said “No worries Mommy, that’s for Daddy right now anyways.” I am starting to hear his voice more too! Excititng huh? Maybe it’s because we’re in Ireland now it’s easier for me. Our roots run very deep here. I have Irish releatives from both sides of my family, my maiden name is Dolan & my great grandmother on my mother’s side is from Killkenny (there’s a joke in there about my bro in law, Kenny) and then we have ALL of Martin’s family. Alls I know is that it’s very powerful! I can’t wait for New Grange!! Wooo HOOOOOO! We were looking it up today and all I can say is WOW! Amazing to say the least!

Well, I need to get ready, we’re going into Belfast to meet our cuz Chrissy. Doin a bit of ‘jukeing’ around about the center of town. We’ve just been hanging around my sis in law, AnneMarie’s house chillin out playing Wii. That was a great laugh! Elatia’s arm is sore! I think it was the boxing that did her in! LOL


Excuse any misspellings/typings, there is no spell check to let me know. I will fix it later. I think u can get the jist of what I’m saying.


Thank you for all your kind words of love and support!!! We send our love to you!!! MWWAAAAAA ((((HUGS)))) from the Emerald Isle!!



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6 Responses to IT’S A PROCESS

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Wow, Connie! I think it’s amazing the way you just keep delving deeper. I wish I was there with you guys!!! Ireland is one of the places I want to visit while I’m here. :)

    I know what you mean about the pain – I have that exact thing happen to me. Not all the time, but it’s intense when it does happen. I’m going to try that as a meditation the next time and see if that works for me!

    I’m so glad you are all having a good time and I hope you are able to get some rest as well while you’re there. Feel the emerald life energy soak inter yer bones! And bring some back for us!!

    Hugs right back atcha!!!

  2. Swati says:

    Whats up with the ovaries? LOL! For me its the right one.

    Connie, I missed you for this looooooooooooooooooooong time you were away from the blog! LOLOLOL!! I know, I’m addicted. LOL!! The way you write Connie…it makes me feel as if it is all happening to me personally. So when you said you cried knowing that you will never be able to wipe his tears again, I felt such a gloom, like it was something happening to me. When you said you were happy about visualizing him lying next to you and chatting, I was very happy like I did it myself! LOL!! No wonder one of your jobs on earth is to write books. Most of my books are still packed away…not unpacked ever since we moved. I want to go look for your first book and read. And I can hardly wait for the second one :-).


  3. Joanie Light says:

    I missed you, too. Does that make me a stalker officially? Swati, my books are still packed away from our move in May 2005. I just can’t bring myself to fully move into this house. I love the compound idea. My children and I have talked about that same idea. Connie, enjoy your family visit and the trip.

  4. Lord Horus says:

    I’m glad you guys made there safely. I hope you really enjoy your selves.. try to find me a rock from the New Grange area.. not New Grange Itself.. LOL.. but something with a lot of energy.. Martin knows what I mean..

    Anyway… Cant wait to hear everything when you get back.

  5. Dana says:

    OMG! Connie! I have ancestors from Ireland named ‘Dolan’!!!! Phillip Dolan married Mary O’More (which was later changed to ‘Moore’ over here in America!). Unfortunately, on my Dad’s side of the family – all records were lost, so I don’t know exactly where they come from. I was ‘told’ Connemara (sp?). I do know where me mum’s side of the family comes from tho – Carrick-Fergus, Co Antrim.

    I sounds as if you are loverly time already! Let the healing of being Ireland flow over you!

    hugs and stuff!


  6. Sue says:


    I think you’re well on your way to developing quite the mediumship….

    If you can develop it with your own, you can definitely get chatty with others’ DLO’s. although none of them would be as interesting as Andrew!

    Love & light

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