That is the right of passage into grandparent hood isn’t it? Shop till you drop for your grandbaby. I went shopping last Friday with Sherri, the other grandmother. We had a 2hour lunch at Olive Garden then shopped for our granddaughter. It was a lot of fun! We concur that she is our “Little Princess.” It feels so surreal to be in this stage of my life, a grandparent. I’ve been hoping for it, dreaming about it, looking forward to it, and now that it is here, it feels so weird! Wonderful but weird. Just like it feels weird for Elatia to think of herself as a mother. That’s always been my title, well for the last 30 or so years. It’s weird to think of myself as a grandmother.

While the grandmothers call her Little Princess, Granda Marts will call her Wee Woman. He said that is why he’s not concerned whether Elatia and JR pick a name or not because he’s calling her Wee Woman regardless. Today is Martin’s day off so I suggested we check out Macy’s because I heard from a guy at work that they had great prices on baby clothes. We went and I wasn’t too impressed with the clothes prices but we found a few things we liked. I gotta go back and get the pink piggy bank that says, “Little Princess” on it.

It would appear that we all have themes we will be dressing her up in. Martin is going to rock her out with outfits with guitars and rock star on them. Me? Glam, punk, and princess stuff. Sherri, things that looks like it’s in the clown family, you know, things with colorful circles on them. Did I mention here that the other grandparents are clowns? This child will never be bored and we definitely make Elatia and JR look normal! I mean how many grandkids can say that their grandparents are clowns, comedians and psychics?! None that I know of!

Andrew had a hand in an outfit I picked out today, although Martin and I didn’t realize it until we got home and Andrew pointed it out to Martin. It says on this lime green w/hot pink trim onsie, “Nuts For Grandma” Then there’s a squirrel holding an acorn. Now if you have been reading this blog all along, you would know how funny that is! Remember the post about my “scroll keeping” on the other side, and I thought Martin said “squirrel keeper” and that led to whole tangent about me being a squirrel hunter and the keeper of the sacred squirrels? Well, that was Andrew’s way of letting us know he was right there with us shopping today. I didn’t notice the squirrel because, quite frankly, 1. I was focused on the Grandma part and 2. The squirrel is pretty small and in my defense, Grammy C’s eyes ain’t what they use to be! Man! That second one was hard to admit! Half the battle is admitting it right?

We look forward to more Grammy C, Granda Marts, & Uncle Muck shopping dates for our Wee Woman in the near future!


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4 Responses to A SHOPPIN WE WILL GO

  1. kerri says:

    i am so happy to read this. i do not have kids, and altho i did have stepkids for a while, when my husband divorced me i kinda lost them. they will always be my children in my heart but i didnt get to do the grandma thing. its hard, but reading here pulls me into the excitement. i have been reading all ur blogs. i didnt get to be there when they happened but am going thru it in a condensed sort of time. i have said it before, u r a great writer and an inspritation. i need both those things. lol. i am grateful to u for it.
    i really love that u r able to find ur sons hands in so many things. i feel like people dont pay attention enough to see their others that have crossed. sometimes it seems they are screaming to give a lil hi. i feel so many ways that i get lil his and pick me ups. i do not have a spirit so powerful in my life as an avatar, but i have them that help. u help validate that thought. i was wondering if u have a name for the beliefs u have? like can u put it in a religion or way of life. wondering to read more insightful stuff and thought u could suggest a few things. thanks in advance.
    u rock!

  2. admin says:

    Spirits don’t have to be Avatars to be felt strongly. Angels are very powerful & everyone has a few Guardian Angels to help them. Then you have the deities that are always there ready to lend a hand. Doreen Virtue’s book “Arch Angels and Ascended Masters” is a great book to learn about all the different deities from all different religions, that are at our disposable. ;-) Deities don’t claim religion, man does it for them. It’s more like a reference book but you might enjoy reading it.

    People tend to explain away the signs they get, it’s a pity. We see Andrew in everything because we are looking for him in everything and when we do, there he is. :-D I believe part of our life purpose is to teach people that their loved ones are not far away and help bridge the gap people perceive there to be.

    We are just spiritual and take a little from different religions that make sense. What we believe/know is beyond any religion. We find religion too confining, too many rules. There are many great spiritual teachers like Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, etc. Unfortunately religion tends to bastardized many of their teachings & use it for crowd control. The answers are within, all we have to do is take the time to be still to listen.

    “Healing With The Angels” by Doreen Virtue might be a good book for you. I like the book by Steve Rother’s “Light Worker” “Re-remembering” or something like that. It kinda gives you an idea what this ride called life is about. Another book that helped me awhile ago was “The Journey Home” by Lee Carroll It’s a Kryon Chronicle. While I don’t believe everything in our life we signed up for, a lot of it we did. We did w/Andrew. Just like not everything in our life we attract. A good part of it we do, but not everything. It’s about finding that balance and that is where meditation comes in.

    Hope this helps

  3. Karen T says:

    After you guys taught me to look for the messages from loved ones passed, I had the best one happen. We were shopping at WalMart as a family. WalMart always makes me think of my Mema because she would always want to go there and was always in the material section. The woman had more material on her back porch than she had life to sew things, but she still would always want to go look and pick out patterns and material to make us girls clothes. So I am basically having a conversation with her about this habit in my head the whole time. I am smiling at that, and the antics of my kids and hubby, etc, the whole visit. We are leaving and go to walk down the aisle we are parked in and I notice a two tone LTD just like the one an ex and I bought for her way back when, right up at the beginning of the aisle. And I look at the plate and it says I M MEMA! I was floored and ecstatic and lots of things all at one time!! It was the biggest “hi there” ever from the biggest, most positive influence in my life this go ’round. Brad tried to pin it on coincidence and I just reminded him that there is no coincidence, just Godincidence. ;) Thank you Connie!

  4. admin says:

    That is so freakin AWESOME! How Brad could try an explain that one away is beyond me! I mean really, what are the odds!? That was Mema alright! Why would you try and explain it away, why wouldn’t you want to feel good by thinking your Mema was sayin Hi. It keeps life more interesting! Very very cool!

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