Martin and I did have our special New Year’s dinner in honor of Muck. We cooked the last 2 steaks we had bought for Andrew while he was in the hospital. It was emotional for me. We made the meal together just like we use to do in the Clown House. I could feel Andrew in the kitchen with us.

I had his myspace page up and playing the music he had on it while we cooked. Andrew and I use to play his page on our slumber party nights.

We danced when “My Sweet Lady” came on and Martin gently wiped my tears. I said something about wanting Andrew back, Martin said something about not happening, I made a feeble attempt to stomp my foot in a tantrum. Martin laughed and asked if that was a tantrum. I said yes. That’s how feeble it was, he had to ask. LOL

Martin and I had our special dinner out on the patio since our weather finally cooled down. We had a John Denver CD playing while dining & talking about our “Wee Man.” Martin said that Andrew was sitting at a huge table in front of a big window over looking the gorgeous grounds of our castle having an even bigger steak than us! Show off! He wasn’t alone, we were sitting there with him enjoying our meal together!
So we had Andrew’s steaks in the New Year as symbol of him still being with us. I’m still not happy with his new position mind you!

We had Elatia, Ed, Denise, and Wesley over for a game of Wii & dessert. It was really fun even tho I stink at these kind of things. Wesley kept trying to bowl in the other lane next to us. That was fun to watch and made it easy for me to beat his score of 51! No, he never did hit any pins in the other lane. We all had a good time. I think that is why Andrew wanted me to get the system, so we could have people over for a bit of fun & take our minds off things for awhile.
SO our first day of the New Year was a nice one.


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5 Responses to NEW YEAR’S DAY

  1. Swati says:

    I want to throw a tantrum too with you at the fact that he is not coming back. But I am glad you were surrounded by people who love you and love Andrew.

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Like I said, you GO girl! You’re letting that energy flow through you, which is why it has less power over you. AWESOME!!

    And if you noticed little bits of your steak missing, I’m seeing that Andrew as taking bites while you weren’t watching! hahaha

    So are you going to start calling Andrew your Wii Man now? LMAO!!!

  3. admin says:

    LOL Leah, we just might start calling him that! At least someone is cheering me on in the tantrums. Now I even have someone willing to throw tantrums with me! Wooo Hooooo

    I added a bit more about our dining with him. Martin described what was going on on his dimension.

  4. Swati says:

    Of course I am willing to throw a tantrum with you. You’d have been proud of the tantrum I threw when I first heard of Andrew taking the first class flight to your castle. I demanded quite fiercely that he be sent RIGHT BACK, RIGHT NOW. LOL!! Where have you added more details of what Martn saw?

    Leah…I got your email. I am online…as always. You can’t see me? I’ll check my YM status.

    But first I need to go out and remove everything because we are going to have a MIGHTY storm.

  5. admin says:

    In this blog post, it wasn’t a lot I added, like I didn’t say what exactly did he see out the big window of the castle because he didn’t say. I already heard that question Swati! :-D

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