Here ya go Swati!

Living with a medium and having an ascended Avatar son makes for a hard & interesting life to say the least. I never know what to expect!

Martin said the other night that Andrew had “walked” through the office. He walked through the office walls. That’s because there wasn’t walls where he was at, at the time. Martin was actually seeing Andrew where he was, not really walking through the office! Cool huh? Andrew was aware Martin could see him.

I think what Andrew was showing us was, where he is now, is not in the sky or some far away place, just a higher vibration going on around us!

It reminded me of the time when Andrew was in the hospital earlier on. He was not on any medication and totally lucid. He told me that where the bathroom was in his room had disappeared and it was a black hole and he could see into the cosmos! Which he said brought up the quantum point “what is real?” And he said “It’s about opening up our minds to the infinite possibilities.” Andrew loved his quantum physics!

I just heard him say “Ponder That!” :-D It was one of his fav lines in the movie “What The Bleep….”


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  1. Swati says:

    Ok, ok…can you explain again?? I understood that Martin saw him in the office. But what do you mean by saying…he saw him where he was? You mean….he saw Andrew as and where he “lives now”? In that dimension? Only…that dimension was superimposed on the office….because both the “places” are in the same space in reality…the only difference is in the vibration? Is that what you meant? If I am understanding correct, then what else did Martin see around him? Martin is lucky I don’t live anywhere around him or I’d be asking him constantly, “So what do you see now???”. LOL!!!

    Soo…if I wave my hands around like a madwoman, chances are I could be swishing through some poor angels and the likes? hehehehe!!

    That scene Andrew saw — the hole and the cosmos — was lovely! I have seen such things (yeah!), but only when I am out of my body…which happens by itself. I cannot make myself go out of my body. I just seem to pop out once in a while, and sometimes it is fun, sometimes scary, and sometimes downright annoying! LOL! But yeah…I have seen that kind of stuff only when I’m out of my body…and it then scares the living daylights out of me. I think I’d prefer to see when I am feeling safe and secure, anchored in my body.

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Soo…if I wave my hands around like a madwoman, chances are I could be swishing through some poor angels and the likes? hehehehe!!

    Swati – I can just see you doing that now, then saying “Gotcha!!!” LOL

    Connie – thank you for confirming something I’ve been thinking for awhile, that alternate dimensions do exist around us!

  3. admin says:

    Martin was seeing Andrew on his dimension. You see, when we lift our own self imposed or taught veil, the possibilities are endless!

    Me and a few friends talked about how the stupid was taught into us by school, society and religion! It’s time to lift the stupid! Oh, that’s the topic for the next blog. I’ll stop here. :-)

  4. Lord Horus says:


    Thats exactly the type of stuff Ive been talking to Martin about…. it goes along with the Creating your Own Reality stuff I want us all to work on. Unlearning the Stupid or teaching it out… And you are exactly right.. Andrew was showing you they are all here just in a different field of experience., the only thing that keeps us separated is our belief in separation.

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