Here’s your assignment if you choose to take it. ;) We are now focused on his next biopsy in a few weeks to be below 5% of blast cells in his bone marrow. That is the ideal situation. Below 15% is considered remission, he was at 12%, :hula But since below 5% is even better & that is what the docs are shooting for, we want to make it happen to show them that this is how we roll!!! :D They want, we deliver even better results!!

I am constantly blown away how eloquent Andrew is. I asked him how he was handling explaining to his body about needing to get rid of his stem cells. He said “I thanked my stem cells for serving me as long as they did but they were causing more harm than good & they were going to have to go to make room for new ones so my body would be well again.” I asked “how did they take it?” He said “They were sad but understood. The rest of my body supports this because it wants to feel good again.” SO what guidance can I give him after that?? :D He’s got it under control!! :hat

His ANC is starting to drop, down to 1610. His platelets r dropping as well below 100,000 which is expected due to chemo. He’ll probably need platelets and blood next week after the this last round of 2 day chemo that starts Monday night. But then again maybe he won’t ;)

He got his Naruto head band today. It’s a head band from a Japenese cartoon that has an energy symbol on it. He is soooo excited! I’ll have to peel that off of his head down the road! :lol If you want to see him in it, Elatia took a pic of the 3 of us with her go go gadget arms, they are freakishly long….well at least for self pics they are! :lol Just go to www.justelatia.com Go into portofolio and click on “All Things Muck” It’s toward the end of that section. SHe also took a kick a$$ pic of the recent full moon. I’ll be using that for my next cover of something w/me flying across it!! :lol Now we call Andrew “Muckaruto” :lol :lol He loves that! :D

So today was yet another great day!! He was in a wonderful mood, high energy. Getting things he’s bought does that to him! He’s giddy like a little girl! :rollin A bald looking one mind you, but a little girl none the less! :lol :lol

Martin and I were trying to make our way to the cafeteria but ANdrew kept giving us orders… in a kind way, ;) what he wanted b 4 we left. :lol SO I finally get him settled and we ask “May we leave now Master??” He sez “You are dismissed!” :lol :lol Master good to his minions!! :lol :lol

Funny story, Martin was coming down the stairs at the clown house and there was a little girl that was getting ready to come up the stairs. After Martin passes she sez to her mother “That man is pretty” :lol :lol Ahhhh we’ve always said Martin’s pretty like a gurl!!

I am sooooo loving these days!! Our new normal is just fab! When you’ve been in the bowels of hell you love everyday where there is no life threatening trauma! Andrew is right, “it’s all good!” I will never forget sitting on the bathroom floor in room 265 while Andrew had severe diareaha and felt so bad, he still had so much going on, and he said “Mama I’m happy!” I held back the tears. I don’t know anyone who was going thru what he was that would still say they were happy! So yea, we are having a great life right now! Yes, I sleep alone, I miss my puppy and my home and my freedom but Andrew feels great and we are all together! We’re happy! I have Andrew’s myspace up playin all his fav John Denver and John Lennon songs as I type and he sleeps. He’ll wake up and we chat for a few minutes then he goes back to sleep. I will remember these times.

Even in the PICU as hard as that was we had some incredible special moments. Martin and I singing to him fighting the tears when he was intubated. Then him singing along w/us after he was awake. My daughter, sister, niece and mother with us during one of our sing songs all of us singing. Or Martin and I bathing him as he taught us. Those are the times I will remember most of this journey, the sacred, powerful moments. How many families share that deep of a love, sacredness and closeness? I didn’t think we could get any closer…..apparently we can. :D

So thank you for sharing this journey with us!! You have been an important part of it!! :D  Your love and support has been a very important part of this journey!

Magickal Blessings!

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    LMAO ROFL ROFL ROFL Martin is pretty like a gurl LOL j/k

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    well, he really is! AND yet I don’t think he’s make a good looking drag queen, go figure! LOL

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