is a song by John Martin that Martin was working on playing well. His cousin plays it on Youtube. So as Martin was outside on the patio playing and singing that song, he heard harmonizing to his singing and a 12 string guitar accompanying him. Martin said it sounded so beautiful. When he was done singing, he said he saw Andrew had his big grin and 2 thumbs up, no words, just his signature big grin and 2 thumbs up. Awwww another father and son moment playing together.

Yesterday when Martin was sleeping, he saw his dad Ray, like on a tv screen playing a song. “Prayer At The End of The Day” then “Try A Little Kindness” by Glen Campbell, that Ray use to end his sets with. His dad had a vintage Martin acoustic guitar. Andrew was there and Martin said to Andrew what a nice guitar it was, that his dad had. Andrew being the clown that he is, came in from stage left of the camera lens, and looks right into the camera with that big cheesy grin of his, showing off his 12 string Guild guitar, with the look, “Now this is the guitar you want daddy!” along with his 2 thumbs up. ROFLMAO Martin was pwnd! (WOW speak) Andrew was showing off.

Andrew went on to tell Martin that those 2 songs will be used for the next parodies to be written. Good to know. I know I need 2 more parodies for my comedy act. But Andrew wants parodies in our concert as well.

It’s funny to us how he comes across sometimes, he is so funny. Even though he is this powerful and amazing Avatar, he is still our Muck! He never lets us forget it. I love that he doesn’t.


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4 Responses to MAY YOU NEVER…

  1. Swati says:

    I love it too that he never lets you forget his very very alive presence. Martin should get a 12 string guitar :-).

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Hey, don’t forget “Me & My Marrow”!

  3. Karen T. says:

    Love the harmony and extra guitar! Woohoo! That must’ve been amazing for Martin. Go Andrew, go!

  4. Swati says:

    Hey Connie and everyone who reads this message,

    I made a (gulp) “fan” page for my jewelry at facebook: Add yourselves please :-).


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