Light Bulb Moment

Oh, I’m still looking for my sign, make no mistake about that one! But on our way home from a late night Walmart run, Daniel and I were talking about Andrew’s journey. Amazing how a 13yo understands more about our situation than any adult I know. I think he does because he is not afraid to hear exactly how it was and what we went through when Andrew was in hospital and when Andrew crossed. He’s not afraid to imagine what it must have been like. Most people can’t/won’t go there.

Daniel knows how hard everything has been. It’s been hard on everyone in general with the economy, but like I said, add major grief, people dumping on me, and menopause on top of it and it’s a huge recipe for disaster! As Daniel and I  were talking about life issues and philosophies, like I use to do with Andrew, some things started to become very clear to me.

I know I have anger about all this, in the fact that after everything we’ve been through, that we are struggling so much. What was interesting was that as I was talking, I realized I wasn’t angry for the reasons I thought I was.

When I talk about Andrew in hospital and his actual crossing, I talk about how sacred and intimate it was. I talk about how you can’t help but be humbled and honored to be an intricate apart of a soul’s journey here, especially an Avatar’s, helping them be who they came here to be, and being there as they have to leave. You don’t ever want it to be your own child, but regardless, you can’t help but see how incredibly sacred and a high vibration it is, it is so beyond anything on this dimension.

So what’s my anger all about? My anger isn’t about Andrew leaving as much as it is about not being able to fully take it in properly with no distractions, and appreciate the majestic journey that this really is. I am being hit with all this 3rd dimensional crap all at once that it is taking away from the real beauty of our journey with Andrew. It is a constant battle with me between the 3rd dimension and the higher vibration that this is. I’m angry that I can’t sit back and take in all of what this majestic journey was really all about and actually enjoy it and see it for what it really is, being a part of an Avatar’s purpose on this plane. It’s like going to your favorite movie or play and not being able to enjoy it because of all the distractions from people talking, or a baby crying. You get pissed off! You just want to sit back and enjoy.

When I told Martin of my wee light bulb moment, he said he knew what my anger was really about. That was good to hear. Daniel got it was well. He was able to give me analogies about all this. That is why I say he is most like Andrew out of all his friends, he thinks things through and ponders life like Andrew did.

While raising Andrew, Martin and I realized that we were not always going to be his teacher, but he ours. And he most certainly was and still is! I told Daniel that Andrew’s last few years here he was our teacher. That our relationship with him went way beyond a parent/child relationship, it was so much bigger than that! We got a glimpse into what our relationship is like on the Other Side, our REAL relationship that isn’t defined by roles or titles. How many parents can say that?! Not any I know!
Parents tend to get hung up on the parent/child role. The kids that have been coming in for awhile now (the Indigos, Crystals, etc) are more our teachers than we are theirs! It’s not about molding our kids into who we want them to be, but to allow them to become who they came here to be. I love what the singer Jewel’s mother said on Oprah awhile back, “When my kids were born I asked them, who are you? And how can I help you be who you came here to be.” She said that we don’t own our kids, they are not “ours,” we are just their vehicle to get here and guide and help them be who they came here to be. I thought that was brilliant and so true! Gone are the days of “children being seen and not heard!” Children have a voice and most are no longer afraid to use it! I find most children are a lot smarter than most adults because adults tend to be stuck in the old paradigm that no longer works for the younger generations. A lot of children know who they are from the start. How many adults can even say they know they are now!?

Ok, I went off into a whole other direction. I’ll get off my soap box now.


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5 Responses to Light Bulb Moment

  1. Swati says:

    I’m so glad that Daniel is there with you! You know I have been re-reading “Home with God in a life that never ends” by Neale Donald Walsch, and of course, all that reminds me of Andrew. Not that I forget him…you know I still yak with him very often about this or that. Recently I was very upset over something quite trivial actually. But at that time it seemed to be huge to me. So I was yakking with him about it…and I could see in my minds eye…he was doubling over himself and laughing!!! LOL!! I asked him why he was laughing when I was so distressed and crying and all of that. He said because it really wasn’t such a big deal, and I will see it too. Of course that time I didn’t think I would, but now I see it wasn’t such a big deal. Now even I can laugh over it! Just like him. LOL! He’s awesome.

  2. admin says:

    Yes he is but he’s still getting a smack when I see him again! ;-)

  3. Swati says:

    Of course! And I’ll stand around telling him, “I TOLD you so!!”

  4. Karen T says:

    Kids are awesome! I was just explaining “they know who they are…are our equals and better who just need our guidance to get places because of their lack of experience here…not ours to go around controlling” to Brad yesterday when he saw a homeschool couple that was going by their child’s cues as to when it was time to leave the homeschool camping weekend festivities. He was leaving the play with the other kids, mine included, and took his shoes off and got in the car. They had already packed up, so they said their good-byes, buckled him in and left. He mentioned how they let Quinn rule the roost. I said, “No, they are just attuned to their child’s wants and needs” and I went into the rest.

    I am glad too that you have Daniel there to talk through things with. Part of your struggle and anger is the Mama Gene. She is strong, but also of the 3rd dimension. When you are talking/teaching from a place that is not attached to her, it is powerful for those of us who will listen. I wish you more of the sacred and intimate moments and less of the 3rd!

    I also wish for more time and rememberance to come check in here…I grow, even a little bit every time. Thank you for being you Connie.

  5. admin says:

    Thank you Karen & Swati for getting me! I really appreciate it!

    It’s definitely a balancing act with raising kids. You have to know when to listen and follow their lead and when you need to step in and be the parent. I see some parents I just wanna pimp slap because their kids are out of control and unruly. That is lack of parenting. It’s a learning process for the parents and the kids but if you work together, both grow and learn from each other and it is an amazing process to watch. I look back on my parenting days, which I can’t believe are over already, with great fondness, joy and laughter!

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