Light At The End Of The Tunnel…

or is it a train? Either one is fine by me because it means change is a foot! Or a hand, or a leg! :-D It means relief is finally here!

It would appear it is a light at the end of a very long, dark, miserable tunnel that I have been in for much too long. It would appear my “come to Jesus” talk with Andrew lit a fire under him so to speak. He knew I was serious! I just wasn’t going to take this nonsense anymore, I just couldn’t take it anymore! I have been pummeled for nearly 3 years! I have been dealing with 3 major traumatic or hard events in my life. Just one of those can be overwhelming for most, but I’ve had all 3 at once!? NOT FAIR!

But I have to give kudos to Andrew for a job well done! I can even forgive him for not bringing it in sooner because of when he brought it in. He brought in the big change in our lives on 11/11/(2009=11) at the 11th hour! Classic Muck! We needed like $600 for the rest of this month and almost had our electric turned off AGAIN! I was freaking out as to where we were gonna get this $600. I was still short even with not paying the mortgage fully. I had started a job bussing tables that was kicking my ass and it still wasn’t enough! I was becoming very resentful! I raised an Avatar for this??? So I can bus tables for crap money??? I cant even tell you how done I was with this dimension!

Martin had applied for a job on a psychic line we saw on myspace that was looking for psychics back in JUNE! JUNE! It has taken this long, nearly 6 months to hire him! Even after the 2 kick ass readings he did for them. Because they didn’t hire him right away and dragged their asses, we didn’t think it would turn into anything. Martin has worked 3 other lines and no money was really made. He just sat available. was great the first few yrs, then it just went down hill, a major nose dive. So we didn’t think this psychic line would turn into anything.

It turned into something amazing! Literally life changing for us on 11/11! That was his training night and he was in demand! Martin was in such demand the first few days it not only gave us what we needed for the month, but then some! I thought, “ok, is this the honeymoon period or because he is fresh meat? How long is this going to last? A month maybe?” While it is 3/4 more wrk and 3/4 less money than was in their hay day, who cares??!!! Martin is making money again!!! AND I was right! Taking the financial burden off DOES make a difference!!! A HUGE one! Even though our house went into foreclosure, we now have an income so we can negotiate something!

I can also make plans for the cruise next year! We can even enjoy Christmas this year! I wasn’t going to put up a tree this year. Why bother? It’d just be something for Merlin to pee under like last year! I figured I gave it the ole college try after Andrew crossed. Most can’t celebrate the holidays after losing a child. We did. This year I was not going to if we were still broke. Instead I was going to plot my way outta here!

Martin and Andrew are having a good time doing readings together. I’m having a good time knowing this financial burden has been lifted. I don’t resent my job since I don’t need it now. I wish I was making more for the beating my body takes, but I can take for now. Might even go into serving to get my feet wet again in serving, it’s been 21 yrs. Recent experience in the restaurant biz can only help me if this crap ever happens again.

With having the money coming in, I don’t even care anymore about what happens with the concerts. I don’t have the energy to try and get us out there right now. I haven’t had time to recoup from when I nearly lost Elatia in Dec 06! Let alone all the other stuff I’ve been through and have had to deal with since then! So I am just going to enjoy this break (better be permanent!) from all the financial stress I’ve had to deal with for way too long! It feels great to be abundant! :-D Now if I can master astral traveling! I’d be set!


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4 Responses to Light At The End Of The Tunnel…

  1. Swati says:

    Its so good to know finances are getting good again. Does this mean the house is out of foreclosure threat?

  2. admin says:

    We finally talked to someone who can help us @ our mortgage comp and for the next 3 months our payment was dropped $600 and hopefully we’ll get approved for that and it will stay there! We are very excited! Martin’s new job LOVES him and they said to call anytime w/any concerns or if he feels things are dropping off and they will help. It’s really nice to have a company that really cares about their psychics. I feel like a HUGE boulder has been lifted off my shoulders and heart!

  3. Karen T says:

    I am soooo happy to read all of this! There’s only so much one Mama can deal with and I am so glad that the financial end is lifting…I think it makes everything else feel heavier. Also my next wish for you is travel among the stars!!

    Hugs and happy!!

  4. admin says:

    I can’t even tell u what a relief it is! It has made all the difference in the world! And things have just been coming in for us one thing after another! We have sorted out our mortgage! YAY! I can now afford my supplements so I see a difference in hot flashes and less joint pain. Martin and I can actually go shopping and not worry! We are able to make plans for things we want to do around the house and the CRUISE next year!

    I was still a little nervous if this was going to be ripped out from under us but this job looks like it will be here for the long haul! The home office LOVES Martin and want to keep him happy. If his income drops they want to know so they can help promote him! didn’t give a rat’s ass about their top psychics that helped them build their site. This one has been around for 14yrs! IT FEELS SO GOOD! Like I said b 4 we living like white folks again!

    I guess the huge sign was Martin getting this job on 11/11. I’ll take it! I’ll leave my etheric cord alone for awhile now. ;-)

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