As you know Andrew has been sending us messages through car license plates. Recently it’s been the #22 on plates. Tonight on the way home from work was no different.

I notice a car’s plate in front of me that ended with A22. SO I say “Hi Muck!” I then said, “you have sent license plates with M22, A22, W22, but what about E for Elatia?” Well, it didn’t take long for Muck to come up with something!

As I’m going down Tuttle and it goes from 4 lanes into 2, I had to decide whether to speed up and pass the car in the right lane or slow down and let the car in. The car was going fast enough so I let them in, and I’m glad I did. Because on their plate wasM12 2ME. It took me a second but I figured it all out. Not only did he give me the E but he let me know it was definitely from him. M12, May 12 is his birthday, and 2ME  well, that’s self explanatory. I thought it was so cool how quickly he came through for me.

Last night I went out to see if there were any meteor showers going on. There is a street light a few houses down that always turns off when we go outside. SO as I’m looking at the sky, I notice the street light is still on. I mentally say to Muck, “What? You not gonna turn off the street light?” I couldn’t finish my thought when the light went off! I then said, “Now was that so hard?” lol My son is truly amazing! BUT he still gets a smack when I see him again!


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  1. Karen T says:

    Very cool Connie! The best for me was IM MEMA from my Mema…and on a twin of her last car…the loved ones rock, don’t they!

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