I wrote a bit about this in a comment in one of these posts but thought it might be interesting enough for a full post.

When I go to work I know Andrew is with me, he gives me signs like songs on the radio, tugs on my left ear, finding dimes here and there. Not from server tips, the dimes are no where near server tips. I wouldn’t do that! If I was gonna steal, it’s be more than a damn dime! lol

At work, we are always running into one another around the kitchen area. Anyone who has been in the restaurant biz knows what I’m talking about. I’m always peeking around the corner to see if someone is whipping around it. It’s really fun dodging servers when I have a full bus tub or carrying a heavy ice buckets. A bus person’s job is ever done! *sigh*

So I’m standing in an open area away from the server traffic in the “alley” to scope out the dining room to see where I’ll be needed next. As I’m standing there, I move out of the way because not only did I feel someone behind me, I saw, for a split second, part of someone’s white shirt or something to that effect. I look around and no one is there! No one was even around me!

I just thought it was my imagination and moved on. As I was cleaning a table I started to think about it. I get to think a lot when I’m cleaning tables. It’s not like it’s a thinking man’s job. So as I’m thinking about it, I remember how strongly I felt someone by me, and how ALL of us wear black not white! Also I felt slightly light headed when it happened. It slowly dawns on me what I had really experienced. I was either experiencing a stroke, or an encounter with The Muck, PureHeart. I’m gonna go with the latter.

It’s comforting knowing that while I have this less than desirable job, Muck is standing by me! Now if I can get him to help me lift the heavy stuff….

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3 Responses to STAND BY ME!

  1. Karen T says:

    This is an awesome thing to read Connie! A step towards full experience again with your Muck…woohoo!

  2. admin says:

    While standing in a line tonight at a store, I felt someone touch my arm and when I looked to see who it was, there was no one beside me! :-) LOVIN IT!

  3. Karen T says:

    That’s too cool!!

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