This lil story is sooooo goin in my act! If I ever get to perform again that is.

Martin had one of ‘those’ kind of readings recently. You know the one, the one where I tell my Guides to, “take a break, I think I have this one” kind of reading. lol This woman is in… is in…, well, she actually calls it a relationship, but in reality it is NOT! She and her boyfriend haven’t been intimate since March, all he does is dump HIS kid at her place to babysit. Has cheated on her (shocking I know!) AND she wants to know if he is going to ask her to marry him!!! SERIOUSLY??!! arrrrg! Yet another woman not standing in her power.

Martin is trying to wake her sorry ass up, trying to get her to see what she is willing to accept for herself, being a door mat. But she ain’t hearing it. Martin then looks to Andrew to see if he has any words of wisdom that he might be able to impart on this very misguided woman. Instead what is Andrew doing? He’s playing cards with his Guides. LOL LOL Martin tries to get an answer from Muck but Muck shushes Martin! LOL Then he says to his Guides “go fish I don’t have an AA Michael card.” LMAO! How freakin hysterical is that?! They weren’t even playing poker or black jack but go fish with an Arch Angel oracle deck! Too funny. And no, Martin never got an answer from The Muck. Martin just had to come with creative ways to say the same damn thing, “dump the chump!”

Those boyz of mine! They keep me amused! :-D


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4 Responses to GO FISH!

  1. Karen T says:

    Hysterical!! I love the AA cards…I soooo want a deck like that!

  2. admin says:

    You don’t have one yet?? :-0 Well that is a sin! lol

  3. Karen T says:

    Sin? What is this sin you speak of? LMAO

  4. admin says:

    Ooops my bad, there is no sin, hehe

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