Got your attention?? :-D No, not of the end of the world or my life! (dammit) The end of the FIRST book is near! (YAY) It came to me last night where we need to end the FIRST (there will b more my kiddies) book so we can get it out there!

We will end the first book with our journey to N. Ireland. We will be leaving some ashes at his fav place, at Aunt Julie’s in Derry. Then when we go to Merlin territory, New Grange, in the South of Ireland. New Grange is a high energy area. Very magickal! Yes, Elatia will be taking pics!! LOADS of them!

The first book I believe we are going to call “Life Is A Game I Never Want To Stop Playing.” “A 16yr. old Avatar’s Journey Though Life and Beyond” OR “A 16 yr. old Avatar’s Wisdom of Life and Beyond” OR……

“Pure Heart” As the main title?? Then one of those sub titles??

I like “Life Is a Game”…because that is what he said the night after he got off the respirator/ventilator but was still on dialysis and on all kinds of other machines and meds. It sez who he is. That even through all that, life was a game he never wanted to stop playing. PLUS we have a song for it now too! ;-)
SO there you have it folks! Hot off the press news! What do you think??

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8 Responses to AHHHH THE END IS NEAR…..

  1. Swati says:

    I like “A 16yr. old Avatar’s Journey Though Life and Beyond” or “PureHeart”.

    About “Life is a game…” I know what he means…he has explained it…but I am still not able to let go of some human expectations, so for now I am not even looking at it. LOL! I know…I’m being a nitwit. But I’ll just be patient with me and let this process..no use forcing, because the more I try to force the higher meaning behind it all, the more stubborn I get. So I’ll just keep it aside for a while. And thats why I am not qualified to answer this question of yours, because I’m still being a stubborn nitwit. :-P

    But apart from my nitwitness…I do like the other two titles I mentioned…the frist one because when people are looking through books to buy, often they don’t even have the patience to see the description…they go by the title. And that first title says it all in my opinion. It describes in a sentence what the book is about.

    I like “PureHeart” because it describes him so APTLY! It doesn’t speak about what the book is about…but the word has such holiness to it!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I thought I remembered you saying you were going to name the book Life is a Game I Never Want to Stop Playing (A 16-year-old’s healing journey) or something like that – it should be documented in the early blogs. But do you find that your books often name themselves and don’t let you sleep at night unless you name them what they want to be named? It’s that way with songs, for sure. LOL

  3. Sue says:

    I wanna buy a copy!!! The book sounds wonderful, just like Andrew.

  4. Leah Clark says:

    *shameless plug*

    Hey, I know this is the FIRST book from Andrew, but don’t forget Connie’s first book, So These Two Dead Guys Walk into a Bar… My Life in the Paranormal: One Comic’s Perspective. I’m not sure, but I think Swati has a cameo in that book… you can buy it at Amazon.com!

    It’s absolutely the funniest book I’ve ever read – kept me laughing out loud!


  5. Swati says:

    Absolutely! Connie’s first book is amazingly FUNNY!!! I love it!!

  6. admin says:

    OK, DON’T buy the book on Amazon! We get no money from them! You have to sell like a gazillion books to make any money. PLUS you can’t get it signed by me if you order from Amazon.

    Originally, Life is a game… was the title and I think I should still keep it but the sub title has to change because it is no longer about a 16 yr.old’s healing journey of leukemia BUT an Avatar’s journey though life and beyond.

    We’ll be working on the book cover soon too. On our way to Ireland later this month, I will be writing the beginning of the book about Andrew’s life prior to his diagnosis. I want to set up who he is. Plus I think his early years will help other parents deal with their Indigos and school a system that doesn’t honor them.

    Stay tuned!

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Ooops… sorry, Connie – can you take the Amazon thing out of my comment, oh Great Administrator?

  8. Denise says:

    Well for some reason it has me logged out so I re entered info so hopefully I can leave a message in BLOG I am ok in forum

    Anywho!!! Book Yes I can see it now lots of BOOKS!!!!! And I am sure Andrew will have a say as to tittle Think so Pretty mama!!!

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