That is what Elatia is doing the baby’s room in, lady bugs. Elatia was calling the baby, her “Love Bug” before she decided on a name. When I bought her a lady bug “piggy” bank for the baby, I got tears thinking about Elatia’s “Love Bug.” I felt the baby’s energy with me when I bought that, the “realness” of her.

We just found out that my granddaughter’s name is Kaliana Storm Michael. WOW! That is one powerful chick coming here! Looks like I’m gonna have me a partner in crime again! YAY! Andrew was my partner before, a Wise One through and through like me. I was dealing with TWO Elementals on my own way back before Andrew and Andrew was the balance, 2 against 2, HA! Then Andrew leaves and I’m on my own again, and I’m a wounded Wise One left on my own to boot! Sooooo NOT fair! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! Oh yes, that WAS a mama gene and Wise One double tantrum there, but moving on.

Now with “Kali” being the Goddess of destruction, then Storm, self explanatory, then Michael, the warrior Angel, that is some power in a name. The “Ana” should soften up the energy a bit. I am so looking forward to meeting this lil power house!

Elatia is starting to come by once a week to be conditioned for hypnotherapy during labor, along with the Lamaze classes she is taking. Today was the first day she’s working with Martin. Martin is also helping Elatia to really connect to Kaliana so they can work together as a team during labor and delivery. Martin said he was connecting to Kaliana and said she is really smart, she has it going on. It was one of those times when you are down loaded with a bunch of info all at once that you have to get it all in feelings. Like the night Andrew was telling me about the Avatars on the TV and what they were saying to him. I knew I wouldn’t remember what he said but felt it on a cellular level that what he was saying was the truth and I knew it to my very core. Martin told me that I should meditate with Elatia so we both can connect with Kaliana. I was thinking about trying to connect with her now. So as I’m thinking about that, I’m watching the sitcom “Dharma and Greg” and my mind wanders like it usually does. As I’m watching this show, Dharma puts on a robe with what? LADY BUGS! Then I felt Kaliana’s energy and her letting me know that was her sign for saying “HELLO GRAMMY C! See you soon!” It was pretty cool! She knows I tend to get most of my messages through signs. Andrew’s a great coach. But then again, I’m sure this is not Kaliana’s or my first rodeo together!

These really are exciting times for Martin and I! We didn’t think we could ever be excited about anything anymore after Andrew left, but Andrew proved us wrong AND so glad that he did! It will never be the way we wanted things to be, but we can certainly find a new normal and new way of finding happiness. We will ALWAYS miss Andrew and ALWAYS wish he was physically here with us, but we know he wants us to find joy and happiness and for him, that is what we will do. What makes it’s feasible for us to do that is knowing with every fiber of our being that Andrew will ALWAYS be with us no matter what!

Well, this Grammy C is so excited to meet her Kali-bug soon!


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3 Responses to LADY BUG, LADY BUG

  1. Karen T says:

    Love that nickname. I assume her name is pronounced like when people shorten California. Or is it a sound like in pay? And the ana part I assume to sound like ah-nag, not like Anne.

  2. Karen T says:

    That’s ah-nah. Stupid spellcheck.

  3. admin says:

    No, her name sounds nothing like So-Cal :-D LOL Yes, it’s pronounced like Cali Ana

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