AS I have mentioned before, Elatia has been coming over once a week for some hypnotherapy with Martin for her labor. She is also taking Lamaze classes, Martin is helping her to connect to everything she is learning, and embedding the commands in her mind about relaxation when the “discomfort,” that’s right, “discomfort,” may become intense. Elatia is one of Martin’s prize pupils in meditation and hypnotherapy. Granted, if she watches a commercial about acid reflux she thinks she may have it, that’s how easy she is, that aside, she trusts Martin and goes under hypnosis easily with him.

They do this relaxation in Andrew’s room. They are using Angel Earth’s Waves II CD because Martin has used that through the years in his meditation classes, so Elatia is conditioned to relax and meditate when she hears it.

This last time Elatia came over after working the lunch shift on Sat, Jan 29th. We had been at the Sarasota Scottish Highland Games working so we were all pooped. Elatia lies down on Andrew’s bed while Martin embeds some commands. Martin was also doing some Reiki on her to help with her sciatic nerve. As Martin has his hands about 8 inches above Elatia’s belly with his eyes closed, he feels a push against his hand. He is puzzled by this, and thinks, “This is weird.” So he tunes in to this push he feels to see what it going on energetically. Much to his surprise, and delight, he feels a tiny little hand pushing against the palm of his hand. Martin realizes it’s Kaliana’s hand! He is so excited by this! Martin then starts to play with Kaliana by gently pushing back on her hand, so now they have a pulsating rhythm going on between their hands as they push back and forth. Martin said it was the coolest feeling and then to realize it was his granddaughter, well that just made it even more fabulous for him! Martin said he would carry that feeling with him for awhile.

Martin told me that Andrew reads to the baby. Well, he must also tell her jokes because in Elatia’s last sonogram at the prenatal spa on Jan 25th, Kaliana was SMILING! I kid you not! It was so amazing to see that on the big screen. Maybe Andrew was tickling her feet, who knows, I’m just glad we got that shot of her. Martin said Andrew is reading to her from my scrolls to help her to remember who she is and why she is coming here. With the family she is coming into, she has a great support team to help her do just that, and I am looking forward to it. I am one happy Grammy C!

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  1. Karen T says:

    How cool!

  2. admin says:

    Martin was blown away by it, he came floating out of Andrew’s room afterward.

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