Martin went into the office, or the lair, as the boys call it, this morning and saw Andrew sitting in his chair staring into the monitor screen. He had his head resting on his hand. Martin asked Andrew “what’s up?” Andrew replied, “nothing much Daddy, just keeping the dream alive.” He then thanked Martin & I for the work we continue to do to get his message out there. He then said,”No worries Daddy, you and Mommy will be out there doing what you love soon.” Martin said he knows what Andrew is saying is true, because he can “feel it in my water.” I finally told him he should probably see a dr about it since he’s been “feeling it in his water” for awhile now. LMAO

Andrew looked a bit different today. He had a wee goatee that he played with on his chin. (is that a bit redundant?) He would always twirl his hair when he was at his computer and make a wee horn on the front of his head with it that I was always making fun of. lol When he was in hospital he had a bit of the Shaggy thing going on too. I would play with it because I was excited to see hair growing. He was not amused with me at all! He didn’t like hair on his face so I was surprised that he had a goatee this morning.

Martin was telling me all this, while I was driving to get bagels. Of course I have to ask him questions to pull it out of him. He really makes me work for this information!

So I proceed to ask him, “What was Andrew wearing? What did he look like?” I’m always curious if he appears as Muck or PureHeart. This morning it was The Muck…an older Muck. He is not 16yo anymore that is fo sho! He is showing himself as his 18yo self would be here. It’s kinda cool that he does that for us!

This morning he had his goatee, his hair pretty much the same, a WHITE t-shirt on which I thought was odd because he NEVER wore white. He also had on something he never wore too, long jeans. He hated wearing long jeans, even in Ireland, he wore his camo or jean shorts. He had black tie shoes too. He only wore those at Elatia’s wedding. It was always sneakers any other time.
The white t-shirt was tight, like Simon Cowell tight, lol showing off his muscles. ;-) Muck had him some serious muscle action going on before he was diagnosed and he was working out w/weights to fine tune his already beautiful physique. I tried to talk him into becoming a model but he wasn’t having it at all! Anyway, on the t-shirt it said “ME!” That’s it, that’s all it said. Of course that took Martin on a journey. If a swinging trash can lid can do that to him, why not a t-shirt that said ME! :-D
Finally Martin asked Andrew what the t-shirt meant. Andrew’s reply? “I know who I am Daddy.” And so he does! He did while he was here, which is most important because if we know who we are here, it makes our journey back Home that much sweeter! Martin and I done good! We enabled Andrew to have the best journey Home that he could ever possibly have! We also did our job so well he was able to go Home when he did. *sigh* I know I will see the rewards for that when I get to go Home.

An interesting thing happened while at the bagel shoppe. Andrew ALWAYS follows up his appearance with a sign. It even blew Martin away. As we are waiting to give our order, the cashier, *pronounced* Marteen says to someone, “Keeping the dream alive!” :-o Martin and I just looked at each other and LOAO! That’s our Muck! :-D

Muck also helped Martin to not over fill his coffee this time by making fun of him by repeating Martin’s words to him “Why do they fill up the coffee cup up too much?!” before he started pouring his own coffee. Can’t remember if I blogged or told someone that story of how when we went to the bagel shoppe a few weeks ago, Martin was thinking “Why do they always fill the coffee up too much? I have no room for milk.” Andrew had to remind him “Uhh you poured that Daddy!” I went over to see why Martin was laughing so much and that is what he told me. He did it the next time too! But this time Andrew caught him in time.

Honestly! We should be a reality show!


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I think it’s awesome that Andrew appeared for you as Andrew at 18…that’s too cool! And the “ME” hit me in a special way. I have been reading lots of info from different sources and also remembering a message from Martin during my last reading. I am learning about how being a bit selfish and looking for what brings ME joy is okay and absolutely necessary for the life I dream of. I am learning so much about ME and who I really am. Thank you to you, Martin and Andrew for being the coolest of the sources of these teachings for ME! You guys rock!!

  2. admin says:

    Awww thanks Karen!!! I have to say you are the reason I do the comedy show, the exact reason! To open ppl up to their spiritual gifts & teach about them through comedy. Thank you for listening & being open! You are the reason why we do what we do!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Gosh, I can totally see that shirt on Muck… So much of my experience at Unity Village last week was about ME being okay being ME, writing the music that speaks to ME and not what fits in someone else’s box just so I’ll be accepted. The intention I wrote during that time was “My intention is to absorb the freedom to be ME – in all its incarnations.” And I capitalized the ME just like that! PureHeart RAWKS!

  4. admin says:

    The boy knows what he is talking about! ‘m guessing he was giving a message to the peeps that still come here. A timely message in deed for many!

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