Elatia called us this morning stressed out about this whole trying to figure out how to get prenatal care thing. It’s put a bit of a hamper on our wonderful news of being grandparents. It’s definitely taken away some of Elatia’s joy of being pregnant. She didn’t have the $670 for her next OB appt or any subsequent appt after that, so she had to cancel. We’ve tried to figure the nightmare that is her so called health insurance but got no where with that. SO we decided it was time to apply for medicaid. Who the hell has $670 a month for 9 months for an OB PLUS hospital expenses?! No one I know!

Elatia had applied for medicaid and they got back to her wanting more info, which she tried to fax from our house the other day but we couldn’t get through. Fax was full, phone lines were full, there was nothing left to do but to go down to the medicaid office with her, ugh! So that’s what Martin told her this morning when she called all stressed out. Martin said “road trip!” in his usual cheery self. I told her we just needed to suck it up and go down to the medicaid office. We were prepared to take a number, sit and wait awhile.

When Elatia arrived at our house, she looked so beautiful, even though she has been so stressed about this whole prenatal care thing. She had this cute maternity halter top on and looked so good, I had to get a picture of her. I told her to stand over by her brother because I wanted a picture of the 2 of them together. I take the picture and it’s gorgeous! Where we have Andrew’s picture, he is taller than Elatia, he almost looks 3-D, I love it! It wasn’t just his picture in the photograph, it was his energy, I could feel him next to Elatia. That portrait of Andrew is so powerful! So I got the pic of my kids and my 4mo grandbaby bump.

Before we left, Martin gets into a fit of laughter, don’t know what set him off, but he was a laughing his ass off. We get in the car, Elatia is in the front seat and we are discussing strategy, like no jewelry, no Coach purse, etc. Martin is in the back seat really laughing his ass off, it was distracting trying to talk to Elatia. I finally asked him “What are you laughing at?” He said “I don’t know, I’m doing a laughing meditation” “Seriously?” I asked. “WTF is that?” He’s still laughing! I have to go into the post office to mail out fliers for our up coming concert for IIAGD on Oct 22. Martin asks me if I want him to go in with me, I told him, “Ummm NO!” I found out when I got back he said “Bye bye buzz kill!” He and Elatia got a good laugh at that one. I love the fact Elatia through him under the bus by telling me that as soon as I got back in the car!

When I got back into the car I decided to “check in” on what was really going on, and I see Andrew in the back seat sitting up really straight, hands folded on his lap, and a big ass grin on his face tryin to look all innocent in this! Yea, it’s starting to come together as to what was really going on with Martin! I turn my attention back to driving, light was green now, ;-) and drive. Martin is still laughing, I tune in again and Andrew is in the same position. I knew as soon as I took my attention away from Andrew he was clowning around and making Martin laugh. Martin confirmed it. As soon as my attention was away from Muck, he’d look at Martin and make faces then look all innocent, like, it wasn’t me! Elatia was laughing when I said what was going on. It felt good having my family all together today working on making something important happen for the new member of our family coming in.

We get to the medicaid office and there’s all these parking spots up front, hardly any cars are there! Abuh? What? Are we at the right place? Can’t be. We go in, no one is there, that’s weird! There’s just a woman in an office door way and a guy on a phone in said office. Elatia explains her situation, the woman is pleasant and helpful. It takes no time to get things sorted, Elatia drops her paperwork in the box in front of the woman, and we are outta there and on our way to lunch. I told Elatia that it was good that we went there so we could leave our energy stank all over the place to make sure things continue to go smoothly. Martin, Andrew and Elatia agreed. Cause that is how we roll! :-D Leaving our energy stank is like etherically peeing on something to mark your territory, only we did it to keep things moving along smoothly and the laughter helped set that up!

What a gift today was! I got to spend the afternoon with MY entire family laughing and taking care of important business! Andrew is very much apart of this pregnancy journey. After all, he has the baby now and is working with him, preparing him for his journey here. That’s right! I said him! It’s gonna stay him until we are told any different! And if we are going to be told any different, that will be next Tuesday when we go for the scan! Canni wait! Sooooo excited! Last time we saw him he was just a lima bean, now he’s 6 inches and 6 oz and he’ll be bigger than that next week! WoOt wOoT!


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  1. Karen T says:

    This was just plain fun to read!!

  2. admin says:

    Funny stuff innit?? It was such a great day, the 4 of us, my wee family taking care of business together. It has been so great having these kinds of days!

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