222’s AGAIN??

Martin and I were out on Tuesday at Whole Foods. As we are making our way into the store Martin notices 3 cars in a row with the license plates beginning with D22, K22, M22. Seriously?! What are the odds of 3 cars in a row with those numbers? Then as we were on our way home I happen to notice a license plate that started with 222! Seriously?? What are the odds?! I really wanna know! Then today Martin is watching the movie “Public Enemy” and I catch a bit of it. I catch the part with the license plate on a 1920’s car with 22 in it! Craziness I tell ya!

When I was on the treadmill on Monday, my mind wanders trying to forget I’m on the road to no where, I got these visions of Martin and I being in front of huge audiences performing our concert and teaching.  I believe it’s more than wishful thinking or day dreaming because of the feeling that accompanies these visions. I can feel this happening like it already has happened. I could see how many people were touched by PureHeart’s music and stories. I also saw that Martin and I had many things we offered. Not just the concert, but channeling PureHeart the way Ester Hicks channels Abraham. Audience readings, book signings, comedy show. It was like a weekend event similar to HayHouse’s and we had several events going there throughout the weekend. It was such a knowing that this is to come, so much so I started thinking again what can we do to make this happen now!

On our way to Whole Foods, I was talking to Martin about these visions and what could we do to make this happen, I’m tired of sitting around waiting! Andrew’s been physically gone for almost 3 yrs, c’mon already! Martin just said, “it will happen, don’t worry.” So NOT the answer I wanted to hear! Then we get to Whole Foods and see those license plates in a row. Andrew letting me know that the seeds of ideas we have planted are getting ready to sprout, be patient. And as we all know, patience is NOT my strong suit. A red headed, Leo, Wise One losing her son and patience? Not gonna happen! But what choice do I have. I promised myself I would just wait for things to come in now. We have a presence on the web. I mean, google Witchy Woman, Martin and Connie Jordan, glan croi, healive, metaphysical comedian, and god knows what else, you’ll find us! I just gotta trust that Andrew/PureHeart has it under control. I have taken every opportunity that has come our way and that is all I can do for now. I’m done with trying to make things happen, it’s time to sit and wait and Andrew made it very clear that that is what we are suppose to do, sit and wait, he’s got it under control. Soooooo…


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