Martin wakes me up this morning and we have our morning chat. But this morning’s chat goes the way so many chats have gone before, we think we are talking about the same thing, but are instead talking about two completely different things. When we realize that, we start laughing and say “Andrew! Seriously Dude! How could you leave us alone like this! You know we can’t be left to our own devices! We need to be supervised!”

Then I said to Martin, “I wonder if this grandchild knows what he’s in for! He’s gonna have take over for Andrew and be responsible for us.” That’s probably what Andrew is prepping him for with his journey here, which made us laugh even more. Poor child! hahahaha

Then I said how I want to be close to our grandchild, I want him to know that we are in his corner no matter what. I want him to know he can count on us. I want us to be a strong grandparent role in his life. I got emotional about it because of how much this means to me. This grandchild is a chance to build my family again and that means the world to me! I want to be a great support to my daughter to help her be a better mother than I was, because I believe that is our job as grandparents, help the next generation do better, and not undermine her like what was done to me.

Martin has an appointment with the acupuncturist and while we are getting ready this commercial comes on, it blew me away! It brought tears to my eyes. It was Andrew confirming what I was just talking about. He was letting me know it was going to be All Good! It was a medicare commercial about grandparents with their grand kids. It was so cool. It had these little kids around 5 or 6 yrs old saying “My Grandma is my best friend.” or “My Grandpa is my best friend.” and “Yes my Grandpa spoils me, what of it?!” It was just the sweetest commercial about Grandparents with their grand kids. It was showing how important Grandparents are in their grand kids lives. While it brought tears to my eyes, it made me smile BIG! That son of mine is always making sure his Pretty Mama knows…


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  1. Karen T says:

    I had that with my Mema. That is why she always comes through when I get readings from Martin. I had a strange thought the other day that maybe she, meaning the soul of who she was, lent themselves for my lessons from my first pregnancy. Martin said once that those two souls were closer to me than I thought. It is hard to get my mind around, but felt good none the less.

    It makes me sad sometimes that my kids don’t have the grandparent energy here. It’s another reason why a move north sounds like a good plan. Brad parents would be close. We see them now twice a year and the kids adore them. It’ll be nice to see that in their lives more often.

    And you guys will fo’ sho’ be awesome at the grandparenting thing! It means too much not to. Yay for you and this child-to-be!

  2. admin says:

    I think grandparents are so important. I am so looking forward to having a grandparent/grandchild relationship. I don’t know why it feels different, but it does. Once again I do not understand my mother and her actions. I can’t imagine walking out of my kids life let alone my grandkids lives. Elatia will always be able to count on us to be in her corner and support her as a mom, not undermine her. I am so excited to be able to have this role in my life. There are no words for it!

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