Andrew has been steppin it up for the holidays I think. Between the fun he’s having with Martin during readings and appearances to other people, he has been a busy guy.

He’s not too busy to think of new things to impress me and to make me go WOW! For instance, with the Light The Night Walk, we get helium balloons. Each color stands for something. The gold ones are in honor of someone who has crossed from a blood cancer, the red is in support of someone going through it and white is for survivors. We had a gold and red one. They also have a blinking light in them. The walk was on Oct 24th.

So I put the balloons on Andrew’s bed. Here it is 2 months later and the gold balloon is still inflated! Not fully mind you but still is a bit inflated, it’s about 1/2 way down. Just like the smiley face balloons Wes bought for Andrew’s 17th b-day, they stayed inflated for like 9 weeks or so. BUT the weird thing? As I was walking past Andrew’s room the other day, I notice something very odd. I thought it must be the sun shining thru in his room or something, but I was wrong! When I went back to check, that gold balloon was in deed flashing! The light was on! I had to turn it off. I thought, very cool Muck! Thanks!

Now today when I went to Whole Foods, I knew Andrew was sitting beside me. I know he still runs errands with me. I just know it, it’s not like I see him. I gotta focus on driving or I’d really be seeing him! :-D Not that that would be a bad thing mind you! ;-) Anyway, as I was getting out of the car I coulda sworn I saw Andrew’s profile in the passenger side view mirror for a split second. When I looked back at the mirror I didn’t see anything that even came close to looking like Muck’s profile in that mirror. It made me feel real good. And there was a wee cart right by my car, (thanks Muck) I had to park in the back of the parking garage. I didn’t mind that at all because the weather was nice and I enjoyed the walk.

So I wanted to give my boy props for pulling out all the stops to make me feel him around even more as we go through yet another holiday season without him physically here.


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  1. Karen T says:

    He’s so good to his Pretty Mama!!

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