While most of us were taught that our imagination wasn’t the real deal, that it was fake, on the contrary! It is more REAL than you can know! It’s where everything begins!

Martin tells me to just sit and imagine Andrew where he is. I was not amused with this answer at first. I wanted to just smack Martin! I want to know where he is for REAL! NOT just in my imagination dammit! Martin explained that that’s where I needed to start. It all starts in the imagination. I’m thinking, *insert dream bubble here* And people pay for mediumship readings with you??? :-D I don’t think they want to hear that you are just imagining all this! *End bubble*

Then I got to thinking about the elemental kingdom. Most people think they are just the figment of children’s imaginations. But they are not! They DO exist!

BUT it starts in your imagination first! If you can see them there, then you will start to see them more with your eyes, 3rd or physical.

We have a leprechaun in our yard named Seamus. We have fairies too. Everybody has fairies! My daughter has heard them talk to her. I swear!

I know elementals exist because 1. I’ve worked with them in past lives, 2. I’ve seen them (3rd eye) 3. I’m married to one! I am never gonna find a publisher with this info! LOL I think as humans were being controlled by religion & male dominated societies, our vibration became denser and our elemental friends became invisible to us. They still existed, just on a higher plane.

Even if you think this is all really weird, doesn’t it make life more fun & interesting believing in fairies, unicorns, & leprechauns? Letting your imagination run wild? (in a good way, not in a, my husband is cheating on me, for no reason way) I know that’s how I felt when I first started reading books on elementals. Ted Andrews and Doreen Virtue have great books on how to connect with elementals in your yard. YAY! I can find a publisher!

Remember, in your imagination lies the real magick of life! SO let your imagination run wild with fun! Connect with your DLO there. Give your imagination the validation it deserves!


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  1. Swati says:

    Alrighty….I’m off to imagining….actually I do that all the time…and I imagine some pretty weird stuff!!!

  2. Dana says:

    *BopZ Swati on her head!*

    *quote*I am never gonna find a publisher with this info! *quote*

    I was gonna say – Doreen got published! *claps hand over mouth* :D

    I’ve gotten ‘hits’ over the years that eventually I’m to write a book as well. That will be a miracle as every time I sit down to write – writer’s block sets in! Then I think to myself – ‘What do I have to add to what’s already been said?’ But we all have our unique perspectives! What jives for one person may not make sense to another – so another teacher is needed (make sense?)

    At any rate Connie – Adopt the ‘Field of Dreams’ philosophy –

    If you build it – they will come!

    Of course in this case – if you write it – it will get published ;)

    Hey! I had a chatty little leprechaun ride home with me from Ireland! You may appreciate this! We encountered some turbulence in the air (who doesn’t?) But still – kind of got my blood pressure up in that ‘hang onto my seat for dear life!’ kind of a way! Paddy (as I called him), chimed right in to sooth my nerves by saying, ‘If the Irish roads didn’t kill you – this certainly won’t!’ :D

    He had a point there!

  3. Lord Horus says:

    It more than starts there… Your Imagination actually has the power to create. Look at it from the Quantum Perspective… If you look at the Gooey Stuff that connects all of everything in the universe the stuff Dr. Fred Alan Wolf Calls Quifs… You see that it is simply bubbling potential.. but when an observer places an expectation on this stuff thats when it does something.. becomes something..

    But how can we place an expectation on anything unless we first imagine what that expectation is… therefore it is the Imagination that is creating the output or the event.

    The more we believe in what we imagine the more power it has to take shape.. All of our Imaginings take shape to one degree or another but most without faith simply fade.. The more we believe in what we can create the more power it will have.

    If you look at this from the Kabbalistic perspective the same holds true. Acording to the Kabbala the Universe was created with the Word.. the Word being the Alephbet of the 26 Hebrew Letters which all represent certain energies.. They say the All Source created by simply thinking these words with creative energy.. IE Imagnination.

  4. Sara-Ovationgirl says:

    I think this fits in with the message I got last night. A lot of time I get aural messages, and then I think, are these my imaginary head voices or REALLY my angels talking to me. Sometimes it is hard to tell till after something they said occurs. But I guess I need to trust my imagination more here, because maybe this is how I get more developed.

    I’ll repost the message here, because what it talks about is that we all will be seeing more in order to SEE even more. In other word imagination is a start and as we are able to see more through it, the results wil be incredible!

    Here is what I wrote:
    I got this message aurally late last night with instructions to post it here and wrote it down afterwards. I am never too clear as to which angel or guide they come from, although I got the sense that it could have been Andrew through my angels or maybe directly..(another area I need to work on.) Anyhow I believe it has a great message for all of us…

    “You need to see more of the incredible(?), to be ready for all the amazing things to come, in order to know that they truly are possible.

    So all who have gifts will see them expand and others will witness the extraordinary.

    I will provide you with good things so that you may walk in the light.”

    After this I got an overwhelming sense of how big all of this is and will become. All I can say is WOW! We surely are blessed!

    Connie as an aside to you, I so want to be able to SEE the ones I talk to..I was told after I asked about this, that in time this will come, at a time when it will ahve the most meaning for me….

    hugs and blessings–

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