What Martin and I have been finding for quite awhile now is that the big name metaphysical teachers make sweeping statements and most people take it as law. This is NOT the case.

Make no mistake, Martin, Andrew, & myself, are fans of LOA (Law Of Attraction). But there is also the Law of Alchemy too, free will & other Universal Laws! Without a doubt your thoughts are things and they create. And yes, people do attract illness, but it’s not always attracted!

So what happens when a very positive 16. yr old boy, who loves life, is always happy, walks his talk, is diagnosed with leukemia?? You have to take into account soul contracts too.

I love Abraham teachings as much as the next guy but it’s not the whole picture! There’s more. But most people aren’t ready to hear it!

I know for a fact Andrew did not attract leukemia, it was a soul contract. He was leaving & he chose this vehicle to do it so we would have such an amazing, sacred time together before he had to go. He used it as a teaching tool for so many! It was a gift! We all agreed upon it before we came here.

He didn’t leave because he was fed up or tired of being here or in the hospital! On the contrary! His human side had every intention of staying & doing whatever he needed to do to make it happen. As he put it “I’m all hooked up here with everything I need Mama, so if I don’t get to go home before transplant I don’t care! I have all that I need right here!”

It took his “Big Guns” Guides coming in and literally forcing Martin out of the room and was told “No More!” Then Jeremy called Martin right after that and asked why he couldn’t get into Andrew’s room to work on him energetically. As I mentioned before, Martin told him that they weren’t allowed to anymore. Jeremy said “They aren’t healing him are they?” Martin said “NO, they are preparing to take him home.” *wipes tears* Martin knew when he was born we wouldn’t have him for a very long time.

Now, Elatia’s ovarian tumor, that was cellular issues passed down on her father’s side that needed to be healed. She did the work for that, plus Chinese medicine, and proved all he western docs wrong! She didn’t need chemo, radiation and more surgery to survive. She did not come from a place of fear with her healing like the docs did. She came from a place of strength! And is healthy because of it!

Just like not everything that happens in our life we signed up for! That’s another sweeping statement another big name metaphysical author has. Granted, a lot of it probably is but NOT all of it! In Andrew’s case that’s what happened. The 3 of us agreed to go on this journey together. DO I know why yet? Hell no! I hope to have some idea one day!

A theory that goes with that is, oh let’s say, you were molested by a family member. You should be thankful that they loved you enough to be willing to do that to you, because you signed up for it. I’m NOT making that up, that is a theory of a big name metaphysical author. I’m not saying that isn’t true, I’m saying it’s not the case every time!

I ask you to take into consideration when using the teachings of anybody to look at any situation on a case by case basis & not automatically assume they attracted it or signed up for it or any of the other teachings out there. As it is in any arena, making sweeping statements & taking them as law is a dangerous thing to do if you want to get at the REAL truth of any situation! Look at the situation first, not the law. Because then we just become robots repeating someone’s else’s word’s and have no thought of our own!

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  1. Swati says:

    Yep…it has to be this way, because I was totally confounded, confused when Andrew said bye bye. I mean…such a huge group of people, including Andrew and his family were totally positive. So were the hospital staff. So I couldn’t for the life of me understand that night what happened, and how or why. So soul contracts have to be the reason in such circumstances.

  2. Dana says:

    *quote*Look at the situation first, not the law.*quote*

    Yeah – tis ‘dangerous’ to make a law outta anything!

    I too ADORE Abraham – but dang it! I always figured there had to be an ‘X’ factor to account for all times I did NOT attract all I desired (even tho I was careful to follow the ‘formula’).

    I look forward to hearing more about this from you (and Andrew of course!)

  3. Leah Clark says:

    There seem to be so many paths to choose from… one thing I learned from being pigeon-holed by religious beliefs is that there is always another way of looking at a situation, and more is revealed along the way.

    I know now that what works for me may not work for the next person, and vice versa. It’s a relief not to have to be right and try to prove it all the time!

  4. admin says:

    I know Swati, it didn’t make any sense! We did everything The Secret said. Andrew was a living example of living a life of positive attitude! He baffled his friends with his positive attitude. He was ALWAYS happy! Yes, he would get grumpy every now and then like any teenager, it never lasted long. Even in the hospital, he had his agitated moments. But they were moments. He was the happiest person I’ve ever met! How lucky am I to be able to call him my son?!

    These teachings have been very helpful to me in such big ways. I have grown leaps and bounds due to these teachings. But I have also found that they are not the end all and be all in Universal knowledge!

    Each one of us gets messages from our Higher Source. Most of the time it goes unnoticed. If we pay attention we will hear our own truth.

  5. Swati says:

    Hey Connie…looks like I cannot go to LA for Dolores’ class…hubby has no vacation…and he can’t baby sit kiddies for me :-(. But I want to meet her and do her course so bad! She said I could sponsor her class here at San Jose, CA. But I’ll need 20 students. I have no mailing lists…God knows how I will get 20 students. Do you have any suggestions/ideas on how to go about this?

  6. Karen says:

    Interesting stuff guys, wow…thanks for sharing.

    I have always been a student of the thoughts, there is no one who possesses the only way, we all possess “a way” to divine knowledge, text and of course a personal path to God. Being raised in a religion that professed over and over they were the only TRUE church and everyone else had it wrong, had me even as a young one say What The???!!!!!

    My belief is simple this….Creator God is the one with “The Way”, and everyone who brings forth info…brings it forth with their own perception, which is just fine, nothing wrong with that! :-) It’s those who are out there leading many and say, it’s this or that way only, or it’s this way or the highway…that doesn’t resonate with me!

    If don’t resonate, definitely hesitate!

  7. Cindy says:

    I am glad you are addressing the LOA stuff. I love the Abraham teachings and I still get stuck/confused about some of it. Like I can not for the life of me see how Andrew attracted leukemia. In an earlier blog you wrote about how Martin explained about soul contracts (I think that’s what you called it) and that made more sense. And when you wrote that Andrew knew he was leaving (on some level) and chose this illness as his vehicle and why. That made sense as well.

    I’m reminded about when my aunt passed 7 years ago. We went to her service in Texas and the minister she was very close to was away and could not do her service. This young guy minister was filling in for him and I remember feeling really bad that the one who knew her best was not going to be there. But the young minister did an awesome job and said something I never forgot. He said it was her time because she was “finished.” He talked about her like a work of art or something like that and how when we are perfectly finished is when it is our time. He said it much more eloquently than that but it made me feel so good. Then I got to thinking about how there are no accidents and that this young minister was supposed to be there for my aunt’s service. So for all the people I have loved who have passed I like to think of them as beautiful, perfectly finished works of art who have been called to go on.

    As soon as my Starlight order arrives I will call you.

    I love you guys!


  8. Dana says:

    Swati- 2 possibilities! Mayhaps after taking Andrew & Martin’s course – you won’t feel the need to take Dolores’ course? OR! Put an add in metaphysical shops, etc and get 20 students to take the course! It’s California afterall- how difficult could it be? ;)

  9. admin says:

    Very beautiful Cindy. Hard to believe a 16 yr. old could be finished, specially one that loved life so much! But obviously he was. *stomps feet in tantrum yet again*

    Great idea Dana!

  10. Nancy says:

    Amen!! I like the LOA and the Secret and there is very good info. But I felt it was too “simplifiied”. I had a hard time believing everyone attracts everything into their lives, especailly children.

    So the soul conract info makes sense. And, In Andrew’s case, he was one of the most positve people on earth, PLUS he had alot of people and ATP’s affirming positive outcomes.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this Connie.

    Sending love!!
    Nancy Lennon, ATP

  11. Leila says:

    It use to make me very angry when people made sweeping statements about LOA, how some people had the audacity to inflict even more suffering on others by placing blame on them for what their soul chose to experience in a certain way. Some times s*** happens
    Sometimes Ascended Masters choose to come her to experience things that may appear to others as *bad* in order to assist in raising the vibration and awareness of others.

    Now when I hear blaming, judging statements I see it as where they are on their path. I release my judgment, frustration and anger towards them, (yea I sometimes say some unkind things about there ignorance—which is just me judging them) I now choose to bless them and thank them for reminding me not to judge or ever think I have all the answers as to why something is happening in some ones life. I thank them for assisting me in feeling more compassion towards others and not making sweeping, narrow statements to others who are experiencing painful emotions. Sort of like not kicking a person when they are already down.

    To quote you Connie, “It’s all good!”

    Love & hugs,


  12. Kimberley says:

    Great topic, I agree it’s on an individual basis.
    At the moment I have decieded to take a break from
    reading and allow my own guidance to lead me and I’m
    enjoying it very much.

  13. admin says:

    Leila I sooooo get what you are talking about! That’s what happened to me the day Andrew ascended. I had gotten 2 nonsense e-mails telling me the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard about my son! AND they are very well known ATPs! I was stunned on how callous and insensitive they were. Pushing their issues & sweeping statements on Andrew. I wasn’t able to address them until this week. Had more on my mind. Hence the topic of sweeping statements.

    With Andrew’s diagnosis we took a long hard look at the whole attracting thing. We were so happy as a family. We just loved being together and enjoyed one another’s company. Andrew was always happy. He talked about why he was. We discussed the attracting thing with him because he is a big LOA fan. I didn’t believe for one minute that he attracted it! Anyone who knew him will tell you, he was a very happy kid.

    Now he had friends that were very unhappy with their home lives. THEY were blocking the flow of life and Andrew was the one always talking them down. He had 2 close friends here playing with drugs and/or drinking and he was very concerned about them. Always trying to be a positive influence on them. Plus his girlfriend who lives in a very toxic environment & her parents are suppose to be healers & teachers! Arrrrg! He was always talking her down too. He was surrounded by friends whose parents weren’t doing their jobs! SO Andrew was trying to pick up the slack & be that sensible voice for them!

    Now those 2 friends are really doing well. One did have to learn the hard way. I think they want to honor their friendship with Andrew as well & do the right thing from now on.

    You are right about the Ascended Master thing as well Leila. We won’t fully know what the contract is with all of this until we get back home. Then we’ll look at it & go ahhhhhh now I get it! Then I’ll say, Sorry I grieved so much Muck! :-)

    I’m glad you could see how happy he was Nancy! That makes me feel good!

    Good idea Kimberly! Sometimes it’s good to take a break and find your own answers. We all have them if we take the time to listen! The teachers are there to get us thinking!

    Much love to all of you!!!!

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