I Ain’t Got Nooooobody!

Martin and I went to Trader Joe’s today, we just love that store, and we were really excited when they came to town. Andrew would always go grocery shopping with me when he was here, so to ease my pain of him not being here, Martin and I go together now. Martin gets giddy like a little girl when we are going to trader Joe’s.

On the way home from the store Martin hears Andrew say, “Guess what I got Daddy?” Martin says, “I don’t know, what?” Andrew, “Guess!” Martin, “I don’t know, tell me!” Andrew says, “look over there!” Martin starts looking around seriously, cause he’s in it to win it, and he’s looking for something really profound. Martin asks Andrew, “What am I suppose to look at?” Andrew says, “Over there!” Martin psychically tunes in and knows where to look now, and sees a lighted sign in a store front window where all he can see is, because of the cars, “Nobody,” lit up.

Martin says, “Nobody?” Andrew shows him like in charades, to stretch it out. Martin says, “Noooooboddddy?” Andrew, “That’s what I got Daddy, no body! Get it?” Andrew starts laughing.

That’s when Martin proceeds to tell me about the conversation with Andrew and asks me what do I see over there. I ask, “where?” Martin says, “The sign.” “The lighted one?” I asked. Martin confirms it and proceeds to tell me the rest of the story. I was like, “Seriously Dude? I’m glad this is fun for you!” as I was laughing as well, because I couldn’t believe how Andrew went about this just to make a joke. BUT it did get our attention.

Martin was trying to correct Andrew that the question shouldn’t be “Guess what I got?” You’d think Martin would learn about trying to correct Andrew, aka Avatar Boy, because Andrew took him to school yet again. Martin grumbled “freakin Spirit Grammar Nazi!” Which made me laugh more!

Martin and I laughed so hard as we called Andrew all kinds of expletive names I can’t put here, on our way home. He’s still making jokes about not having a body! SCHMUCK! PUTZ! LOL

Martin got sucked in yet again thinking Andrew was going to share something really profound with him that would raise his vibration, and in turn he could then share it with me, and raise my vibration as well. While this wasn’t even a little bit profound, the end result was the same, our vibration was raised through laughter, and we got to have some parent/son time together! Like I say, it felt like the old days, just in the new way.

The moral of the story is, if you think you are making up these experiences with your loved ones on the other side, you’re on the right track!! Martin’s eyes watered, not from tears, but from trance, which is his sign that the moment was real. If it makes you feel good, follow your bliss! That’s what we do and that’s why we can say even after losing our son physically….



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2 Responses to I Ain’t Got Nooooobody!

  1. that is funny… little moments keep you thinking… look forward to you all getting back on the air.

  2. admin says:

    It helps us to stay focused on who he is now in our lives & that he is still very much a part of it. We;ll be back on the air sometime next year is my guess. We have to get a few projects done first, then we’ll be back on the air again. Thanks for always tuning in!

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