Butterflies & Bicycle Rides

Most people know how our loved ones on the other side will send butterflies as a, “hello! I’m still here loving you!” Well, my sister had a Muck butterfly, fly by.

My sister is camping with her grandson & a few friends this weekend when they had this butterfly experience. BUT first you need to hear the back story. When Andrew was younger, like 10 or 11yo, my sister & him went for a bike ride to a near by park. The same park where my daughter now lives across the street from, and the park where we let the IIAGD floating lanterns go in honor of Andrew on his Angelversary.

Well, on this particular bike ride to the park when Andrew was a young boy didn’t go without incident. Incidents usually follow my sister around! LOL While they were riding their bikes, a squirrel came out of no where and ran between my sister’s tires. She didn’t really run over this squirrel, according to her anyway, the jury is still out on that one, but we always harass her about how she ran over a squirrel on her bike. We’re family, it’s what you do, make things you did seem worse than what they really were, call it sibling love if you will. ;-) I’m not sure if said squirrel went between the spokes of the tires or what, but it freaked both Andrew and my sister out. I know Andrew couldn’t wait to tell me how his Aunt Lisa ran over a squirrel with her bike. Seriously! Who does that?

Fast forward to today and my sister, her grandson, and a friend’s young daughter are bike riding at the camp ground when out of no where what shows up? Nope! Not a squirrel, but a butterfly instead. This butterfly danced around them. They all noticed the butterfly and thought how odd it was that it was only one that was flying around them. My sister felt Andrew’s energy with this butterfly and wondered if it was from him. This next thing that happened is what solidified it for me that it was indeed Andrew stopping by.

What did this butterfly do next? You probably guessed it! It flew between the bike spokes of my sister’s bike! And it did it so gracefully. When she told me I couldn’t help but laugh because at the same time we said, “do you remember that bike ride with Andrew?” I told her that is how she knows it was The Muck saying hello. He’s just so freakin funny like that.

All these amazing experiences with him always reminds us that….

It’s All Good!

P.S. No squirrels or butterflies were harmed in the making of these stories

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  1. How funny and feeling the experience.

  2. admin says:

    Andrew still makes us laugh! He is so amazing!

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