Castles In The Sky

I forget what show was on TV that reminded me of this, but it was a boy who had done something spectacular for his parents. He took care of them in a big way, and it reminded me of when Andrew was a little boy. When he was little he always told me that when he grew up, he was going to make a lot of money, like a gazillion dollars, and take care of me and Martin.

He said that we were going to move into his HUGE mansion or castle when he found out I liked castles, and he was going to take care of us. In fact he stuck to that story even as he got older. Even in the hospital he loved all the time we spent together. He said we were always going to live together. I guess we are in a way, just not in a way I ever would have imagined! *snnnniff* *wipes tear*

Anyway, I was whining to Martin about Andrew lying to me. Andrew said he was going to get us that big mansion and take care of us, but instead the schmuck left us! What kind of crap is that? I feel robbed I tell ya! ROBBED! Martin takes my whining episode like he takes all my whining episodes, especially about Andrew, with a grain of salt.

As I continue on with my whine-fest, Martin barely listening nor taking me on, asking why Avatar Boy still can’t take care of his parents here and help us get that big mansion and live the lifestyle I wanted to become accustomed to, Martin finally answers me. He informs me that Andrew is getting us all those things, they are just on the other side waiting for us! SERIOUSLY? I gotta die before my son keeps his promise? C’mon! DAMMIT! Why the hell are all my knives dull, I have no garage or any pills in my house other than herbal supplements to keep me healthy? *sigh* I want all my shit I was promised dammit! I just can’t win here I tell ya! LOL

So all this time Andrew was referring to my castle on the other side. At least I know I have some really cool shit waiting for me when I finally get there! Well then I guess I’ll just keep on keeping on until that time, and maybe save up for a knife sharpener in the mean time. =D Until then…


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