Here’s a theory that I know is not new, but was given to me again the other day. I thought I read it on a friend’s FaceBook page, but when I went back to his page to read the thread again, there was NO information on what I was talking to Martin about. It was the weirdest thing! I was surprised how intrigued Martin was on this concept I thought I read about. I thought I had read this whole thing on the thread, but I guess it must have actually been a conversation I had with Andrew and didn’t realize it was him and we were having a conversation.

This is what I read on the Facebook thread…” the book Soul Agreements and there is another book called “Courageous Souls” They all explore the concepts of agreements/contracts that we make before we incarnate. Of course we go into this hypnotic state of forgetting all of this….” and it ends there.

So then I start hearing, since I didn’t read it, “this 3rd dimension is the actual hypnotic state, NOT the waking one. When we “cross over” we are woken up again and remember who we really are. That is why past life regression, or any kind of regression work is actually you waking up, NOT really being in a hypnotic state, because you remember so much more of your soul’s journey while in a regression, you are really awake and taken out of the hypnotic state that you are normally in while on the 3rd dimension. The so called veil everyone talks about that you think keeps you separated from the spirit world is really just your ego. There really is no veil other than the self imposed one.”

So why do we go into this hypnotic state coming here? Because if we knew the truth of who we really are and where we really come from, no one would stay here is my guess. We come here and forget everything so we can learn the things we signed up for to learn. I mean, if you even look at how we make our arrival into this dimension, it’d be hard to even want to come here if we remembered all that! We are all apart of Planet Earth’s ultimate reality show of Survivor, OR Dancing With The Stars, doing the hypnotic tango!

How interesting is that??!! Just thought I’d share that little nugget of information with you and see where it takes you.


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3 Responses to HYPNOTIC TANGO

  1. Karen T says:

    I just had a little bit of a conversation with Martin come to mind. It was him talking about a conversation with Andrew. Andrew was trying to teach him or tell him something, and Martin was dealing with a bit of the grief of Andrew not physically being here at the time. He asked Andrew a couple of times why things couldn’t be a certain way here in our dimension between them, and Andrew kept answering, “Because you’d be here” or something to that effect. I remember Martin saying something about Andrew being impatient about the question being asked over again. It made me think about how the perspective there is so different than here. Martin was longing for something different than what is, and Andrew was impatient because he can see the big picture perfectly from where he is. Our must ego keep it from being that clear for us here so that we stay to finish what we came for, I guess.

  2. Karen T says:

    Our ego must keep…. Geesh, I so need to go to bed! :)

  3. admin says:

    That’s exactly it, we come here for a purpose and when it gets hard, really hard, if we remembered what it’s like back Home, we would go back in a heart beat! So until it time to wake up, we stay in this hypnotic dream state.

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