HIS LEFT FOOT *giggle*

Today was a wonderful Wednesday even tho we have some left foot concerns. :( As you know the wound doc was in yesterday and cleaned up his heal. What I didn’t tell you is how my sister just loves that kinda stuff. She woulda loved being here for that! Give her an infected in grown toe nail with puss and all and she’s in heaven! See? There is everyone for every job! :-)  She had been jonesing to cut away at Andrew’s heal for awhile. I think that’s why she loved massaging his feet…she was coveting that heal! lol lol  I was like “ummmm they had a wound specialist DOCTOR take care of it from Bayfront hospital, not even from ACH! I don’t think they wanted a nail tech for the job!”  :-)

 He had an x-ray last night but that was “inconclusive!” :eek abuh?? why?? The bones looked abnormal! Ok, we need a crying icon Martin! So tonight he had to get a MRI on his left foot. *still makes me giggle* We were given an hour notice and I had already ordered his Pizza Hut pizza. He’s like a pregnant woman I tell ya! :lol He is craving that pizza!

So we have to send healing energy to his left heal. They can’t do the transplant until that clears up. I pray there’s no infection in his bones or at the very least easily treatable. All this from when he was in the PICU and heavily sedated. Hopefully this is the last thing we have to deal with besides everything else we have going on. If it weren’t for that, things would be grand. At least ANdrew does feel great still. He was on W.O.W today w/Martin and his friends. His energy is high.

I’m staying focused on our stem cell WELCOMING party. Looking forward to it. I know with all of us holding the energy, he will have the easiest time possible. Once I have dates of chemo I will let u know because this round may be the toughest & we’ll need the support. Then again maybe it won’t be so rough! :D

So all in all we had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!


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