On to the first order of business, our day today……

We had an excellent day today!! Andrew was very happy! Here we go with another poop story tho. I told you this is my life now, measuring pee and poop! So Andrew has to poop in the hat because they want a look see. :x They just can’t stay away from poop here! They r quite obsessed with it if u ask me!:lol

SO Andrew has 2 hats waitng for his nurse Sean in the bathroom. Sean comes in and sez “Dude! That’s it??” Andrew quickly replies, “Hey! It’s not the holidays” like he didn’t deserve anymore of a present than what he left. :rollin

The wound doc was in today for his left foot. I just giggle everytime I write “his left foot.” I must thank Christine later for that one. As I mentioned b 4 it’s a dumb family joke about the movie “My Left Foot”. His heal really took a beating when he was sedated & intubated. His heal was black and the doc wanted to clear away a lot it so they offered Andrew some dalodded (? sp) He jumped on it! They coulda cut his foot off and he wouldn’t have noticed! He was too busy being a Chatty Kathy! :lol I saw it tho!! :eek :eek It was nasty! Kinda freakin me out actually. I had to tell Andrew to keep his head down, that he didn’t want to see it.

But on the up side?? They took a culture of his left foot *giggle* so he can’t have a room mate now!! :hula :hula Nurses have to gear up to even come in now too! AWESOME! When we were here last time he would have like 3 or 4 signs on his door of warnings! :eek  SO we are clear for 5 days or so for a room mate! WOoo Hooo!!

NOW ON ABOUT THE PARTY! OK, so when I go home next Thursday for the benefit I’m going to go to the party…. BRB..just had to put on the Dahli Lama chant cd for ANdrew. Anyways, I’ll be going to the party store to get a bunch of stuff for the welcoming party we’re going to throw for his tranplant. That’s right we’re throwin a welcoming party for the new stem cells! Great idea Caz! (my friend Down Under) Minus the silver dance ball tho, sorry Caz. :lol I like any excuse for a party and this is as good a reason as any!!

I found out reading the KID’S book (YUP! I learned my lesson) that the actual transplant takes about an hour. SO I’m going to do the room up with WELCOME signs to welcome in the new stem cells and whatever party gear is allowed. Streamers, maybe mylar balloons. It’s gonna look like a party is going on 24/7….because there will be!!

I will get a specific time of the actual transplant so that anyone who can participate can Pray & hold the energy for the hour so that new stem cells to love their new home! And his marrow to welcome them with open “arms!” So to speak, don’t think bone marrow have actual arms, but I’m no doctor. :-) We’ll play the chanting Dahli Lama cd the whole time and create a sacred party place…is there such a thing?? Well, there will be now! Have a welcoming party where ever you are if you can!  Everything is energy so we are making sure the energy is high and positive. It makes a huge difference! We know we can turn mind into matter!

I did read the chemo will be stronger next time :\ to “get” everything. And he may have radiation as well. :( Mom gene kickin in :hugkiss *wipes tear* Note to self, Stay focused on end result!! HOME and HEALTH! They didn’t describe anything different in side effects than what he could’ve already had and didn’t experience much of it w/the first 2 inductions of chemo. Up side..right??

SO we’re planning on having another great day today! A wonderful Wednesday!


Magickal Blessings!

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    Can I bring Tequila?!? hahaha

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