The good news is that ALL of ANdrew’s tests were neg on his foot!! :dog The down side we could get a room mate now. :x He still needs healing energy to his foot. That could hold up the transplant and we don’t want to be here any longer than necessary! SO why were the x-rays inclusive?? Who the heck knows!

He had a slightly rougher day today. His counts were so low that he wasn’t feeling that well. He had a headache and a bit nauseus today. Then he had a fever a few hours after they gave him platelets so they did a blood culture. :\ I knew when I called him today, when I woke up and asked how he was and he said “good.” I knew what that meant, he wasn’t feeling up to par. This was a small look see at what he’ll feel like with the next round of chemo because they have to get him to zero. That’s not gonna be fun! I’m hoping I can hold it together while he goes thru this. That’s why I’m enjoying these days when he feels so good. It helps build up the resevior of energy. It helps him too.

Andrew did eat a lot today regardless! :hula SO that was great! And he also gained a bit more weight.

Tomorrow i.e. later today should be great! My mother is coming up w/my niece and she’ll be wearing her weiner dog garb. She’s doing it because we didn’t get a pic last time. YUP! She will let us photgraph her like that. I’m sure Jessy wil be busy note taking! LOL It’s also something to pass down in the family I guess. :p And this was your crrrrazy great grandmother!! :lol One of my friend’s said “That’s where u get it from” I said “she was never like that before! She was a bit of a bore! SHe was a bank teller, need I say more??!” Am I a poet or what?? :lol It’s a gift. I wasn’t even trying to rhyme. Should be writing for Dr. Suess! :D  She will wear that in a box, she will wear that with a fox, she will wear that by the docks! OMG! Look at those sox!!! LOL LOL LOL (need my wee rollie heads here!) Ok I’ll stop! But FYI I did have more :-p


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