Is That For Here or To Go?

As I have mentioned before, Muck & Martin love their 7-11 runs. Today was no different. Merlin, (my 12 lb co-dependent long haired wiener dog) and I went with Martin today. I was going to stay in the car w/Merlin when I felt the nudge (from Andrew) to go in. I wondered what debauchery awaited me in 7-11. I would soon find out!

I go in and find Martin getting his soda, then a sammie, nothing unusual there. It wasn’t until we got to the check out counter that the fun began. When we get to the counter, the male cashier asks, “Do you want this for here or to go?” I knew right away that the cashier was screwing with Martin! lol But Martin? He hadn’t a clue! Martin was actually pondering if he wanted his soda and sammie for there or to go. HELLLLOOOO! IT’S 7-11! IT’S ALL TO GO!

I’m standing there waiting for Martin to realize that the cashier was screwing with him. Then the cashier continues on thinking maybe the next comment might help Martin catch on, “We have valet parking too, but I dunno where they park the cars or put the keys, or if you’ll get the car back.” He then offered us a curb side service as well as a curb side table. ROFLMAO! Well, by this point, Martin catches on. Maybe it’s because I was LMAO that tipped him because the cashier kept a straight face and continued on with more nonsense that 7-11 does not offer. hahahahaha.

Martin tried to say in his defense, that he wasn’t in body is why he didn’t catch on. Yea, yea, that excuse is an old one buddy! I ain’t buyin it! You knew where you were going, you weren’t on a reading! As we were leaving, Martin sez to me while laughing, “Thanks for having my back… again!” Insinuating that I never have his back. I said,”What?! And miss all this fun!? I don’t think so Tim! Are you new?!” Andrew is so good to me! He was the one that nudged me to go in. He didn’t want me to miss this show!

Martin has sworn vengeance on the 7-11 clerk. He was quoting Stuie from Family Guy and other high profile angry cartoon figures on the way home. Hahahahaha And this piggy laughed all the way home! ;-)

Who knew 7-11 could be so much fun!? It is when you live w/Psychic Boy! Super Natural Hero!


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2 Responses to Is That For Here or To Go?

  1. Karen T says:

    Merlin is 12 lbs? Hmmm…

    We love Martin! We love Martin! We love Martin!

    Thank you Connie….and Andrew! LOL

  2. admin says:

    I am never w/o material! LOL Yea Merlin is 12 lbs, I’ve got him on a diet now.

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