Here We Are…

Well, it looks like it will be me blogging and not Martin or Andrew for awhile. Things are very hectic, always some kind of test going on.

Today it is another lumber puncture (LP) where they do a spinal tap and they shoot chemo directly into his spine. It’s his 3rd one. *sigh* He is sedated for it. When they first did it there weren’t as many luekemia cells as they thought. SO that was good. Dunno what it is now. Haven’t heard…which we look at as a good sign. It’s when the docs won’t leave u alone u worry.

He was on morphine for the severe throat pain from the chemo but then u have the side effects of even that to deal with. Like low oxygen levels, itching, so they of course have yet another drug to counter act that! It’s overwhelming to say the least when ur use to treating things holistically.

Andrew is starting to lose his hair and we had to tell him yesterday. He was devastated. He spent the day processing that. Like he doesn’t have enough to deal with. SO we are going to do a sacred ceremony tonight and cut his hair and then bury it by a tree & ask Mother Earth to return it to him plentiful and quickly. But not like some hairy Italian or anything! :-)

It makes me sad as I sit here watching him sleep and see all the hair over him. With everyhing he has gone thru he has handled it w/such grace and courage like I’ve never seen.

He was in the bathroom yesterday and I was sitting on the floor talking him. I told him we were gong to get thru this fine and only remember the special moments we shared together. He said he knew that. He then said, “Mommy, I’m happy” After all this and more to come he is still happy. I know so many adults who have so much and are so miserable and this CHILD is going thru such trauma and he is still happy. People only thought I sufferd fools lightly before!!! I really have no time for people sitting in their shit now. I will NOT excuse anyone whose is in their shit. I will not waste my time anymore. I told Andrew that the only way you can help people is to inspire them by who you are. If they don’t get it then move on and don’t waste ur time. It’s not worth getting sick over.

Andrew knows that he left himself too open for others to dump their probelms on. He is paying the price now. He has learned to take care of himself and set very strong boundries & protection. WHen he cares for someone he really cares and takes on their stuff. He won’t do that anymore.

While this is very hard we have had some very sacred times and some how grew even closer. We had more special times here then some families could ever experience at Disney WOrld. The 3 of us are on a sacred healing journey and only great things can come of it. Because that’s just how we roll!

We thank everyone for lending their love and support! It means the world to us!

In Grace and Gratitude!

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