The first Entry of My Blog

Hi everybody

Andrew’s Dad here getting the ball rolling. Everybody else has posted comments to a non-esisting blog, so I willtake some time totidy things up. Andrew is doing well today, and we have him resting this weekend after putting some people in their place and taking our power back as parents. We have decided to let him rest this weekend and try to put back some of the weght that he released.

He is such an inspiration to me, and at this point, has handed me a great list of things that are small stuff. I am surprised at some of the things on the list, but happy that they are there. As soon as he can get his throat back in order, we look forward to full energy return.

I will teach Connie how to add a blog entry, and you are very welcome to post your comments. This will be the place where we let you know what is going on with Andrew, and take you through the processof his full recovery.

Blessings and thank you for everything you have done so far.

Martin, Andrew’s Dad

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