Every night, and through out the day, Martin gives me my ‘mucklets.’ I described what they were soon after Andrew ascended. What my mucklets are becoming, is a gradual attunement Andrew is doing on Martin and I. Mine is different than what he is doing on Martin.

At first it was to help with my panic attacks the first week after he left. Then they were/are to help clean out the grief that builds up inside me. Sometimes it also takes a good ole fashion melt down too, to clean out the grief, as you have witnessed. There’s just no getting around the human condition. Believe me I try!

Last night’s dose of mucklets was a pretty powerful one. I wasn’t vibrating… the time, just the beautiful, peaceful & calming feeling I usually get from the energy being pumped in like gas. This is what has kept my heart chakra peaceful & keeps the ache away.

BUT after Martin & Andrew were done I was a feeling it! I felt like I was floating! It was a cool feeling. I definitely felt like my vibration was being raised. I’m hoping I can vibrate my behind right outta here but I’m guessing that ain’t gonna happen just yet. But a girl can dream can’t she?? :-)

I’m not sure what Andrew’s plan is, we just know he’s got a big one for us. He did say he needed to go back so he could make preparations for us. But he’s giving nothing away! DAMMIT! He’s getting a smack when I get back to the castle! lol

Alls I know is that Andrew is doing a lot of energy work on us and for a good reason that we are unaware of, as of yet. One thing I know for sure, we are still a team and we WILL continue working together! I think that is what Andrew is getting us ready for, all the work we’ll be doing together. As much as I miss his physical being, I know he is still and will always be a major part of our family! He is so close to us. He’s never more than a thought away!

In all reality, there really is no death, just higher dimensions that we can tap into now if we so choose. Our human bodies are not who we really are. They are just the car for our Spirit to drive while we are here. The “Other Side” is where we sped most of our time anyway, so maybe coming here is death from the Other Side. LOL I just made that up. It’s not. Life here is just looked at as a short journey to Earth is all. When Andrew got home he saw so many that he knew but didn’t know here. Cool huh? I’m jealous! I wanna be there! I do have so much to look forward to!!! But I gotta do my time first. :-(

I said this years ago before I heard it anywhere else, “we are Spirits having a human experience. NOT the other way around.” I said that to someone at a local Angel workshop in the 90’s and you’d think it was the most profound thing they ever heard. I thought it was just common sense.

SO I’m hoping to….well, there’s just no way I can say this and have it not sound dirty, but I’m hoping to feel some vibrations tonight or at least some floating again. Take it how you want to. :-D


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  1. Leila says:

    LOL nothin wrong with a lil-or alot of good vibrations! roflao

    It IS all good :-)

    May you, me and all be filled with good vibrations and lots of love.

  2. Denise says:

    I Ditto that Leila Good Vibrations for all and extra ones for “Pretty Mama”

  3. Dana says:

    I love good vibrations! I need more of them :D

    Oops! I think part of my response to THIS blog landed in the one previous! Darn hitting the wrong key at the wrong time!

    *confuzzled as usual*

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    Ok, so is this all you guys are getting from this post, is good vibrations??? Geeez! I shoulda known! lol

  5. admin says:

    I’ll have to see about getting your response to this post on here Dana since you talk more than about the good vibrations!

  6. Leo says:

    Happy Easter and may your mucklets be ever awesome!

  7. Karen T. says:

    I loved your “car” analogy! I was trying to do some explaining to Aly today when one of her mice died. I will be using that one! Happy Easter to all! Hoping for good vibrations for everyone. I am so excited! Just played Easter Bunny and can’t wait until morning….it’s also Aly’s 5th birthday! Such fun in store…Can’t wait! Love and fun wishes to all… and yes, I hope your mucklets rock out loud Connie!

  8. Dana says:

    Oooo….happiest Birthday to Aly! 5 is (was ;) ) so much fun!

    ‘God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You’ by NSync is on my playlist right now – very appropriate!



  9. admin says:

    Happy Birthday Aly!!!!!!!! WoO HoO!!!!!

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